Super Street Fighter IV - The final character revealed, meet Hakan

PS3 Attitude: "The final new character featured in Super Street Fighter IV has finally been revealed."

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presto7172964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

gross. Dont think I'll be using that guy much..

But damn, Cody, Dudley and Juri all look super cool. Plus there's that Ibuki girl. Dayum!! cannot wait for this to come out.

I wonder what the bonus is for people who already own SFIV

Delriach2964d ago

unfortunately I don't think Capcom has revealed the bonus yet. I hope it's something good though.

DatNJDom812964d ago

so they made the middle eastern guy oil himself up with a barrel of crude oil............. sigh. Capcom, how do you get away with it?

Myst2964d ago

Honestly they have taken to long to say it. Personally already sold mine and put the money towards the Super edition.

Shang-Long2964d ago

gettin this game.. im regrat trading it in cuz i miss playing it

LastDance2964d ago

They get points for originality... better than pulling another Seth job.

Bnet3432964d ago

He is from Turkey. I heard oil wrestling is big in Turkey, maybe that's why they made him like that.

deafwing2964d ago

... the staff was on a series weed break and broke out the ha'shish pipe while drawing up sketches and ideas for this. Nothing else explains it.

On a technical side though, he's actually quite impressive from a 3D animated stand point. LOL

menoyou2964d ago

worst character EVER. god i wish this was a joke.

RedPawn2964d ago

Hakan is a very cool looking character but, I wish this wasn't so comical.

I'm still getting this most definitely, at least it will have a wider array of battles.

Capcom keep adding to it, I so want Rook & D.D in this game

see ya'll

Veneno2964d ago

Like how they came up with El Fuerte while watching Speedy Gonzales cartoons while eating some Taco Bell as "Cultural research". As long as Hakan doesn't have dumb 360 degree motion throws or charge moves, I will give him a spin. Time to lube up, I guess!!

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Gambit072964d ago

The F is wrong with that guy.

Delriach2964d ago

lmao. He is indeed a very "unique" character.

deafwing2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

.. he might have a serious advantage on everyone if used right. LOL

Ryuha1234h2964d ago

hahaha that was hilarious. I find this character pretty interesting.

deafwing2964d ago

... dont' know why everyone is not feeling the love ... or the oil for that matter. LOL :D

Natsu X FairyTail2964d ago

lol this character is Wrong on so many levels.

All i kept saying while he was displaying his moves was : WTF is he doing Wtf is he doing????

deafwing2964d ago

... I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna enjoy using him .. it's too funny to get pwnd by that.

Nitrowolf22964d ago

lol wtf
capcom thxs for the laugh, this is just so wrong

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The story is too old to be commented.