GameShark: Deadly Premonition Review

Deadly Premonition was supposed to be released three years ago under the name 'Rainy Woods'. While the title may have changed over the years, it is apparent not much else has. The game has major control issues, severely outdated graphics, and a shoddy map system and yet…Deadly Premonition somehow perseveres.

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callahan093201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

What the hell? Really? Way too high for this piece of crap game. I don't understand why genuinely well-made games get criticized to hell and back and then a bona-fide piece of schlock comes along and its getting praised for being poorly made and gets better scores than games that had a lot of hard work put into them and actually have quality production values? It's just wrong. Scoring systems are completely broken and meaningless anymore, they should just scrap them alltogether and give us a write-up to explain the thing. You can't get any sort of an idea from a score anymore. The only way a review can help is if you read the thing and they did a good job of explaining the qualities that are important to your considerations.

Grown Folks Talk3201d ago

They are nothing more than personal opinion. We are quick to shoot down other people's opinions on this site on a daily basis, yet seem to need these review scores to validate our own opinion. Movie reviews, food critiques, fashion critiques, ect, ect, are all opinion. On top of that, how many do you generally agree with? Gigli is better than Bad Boys 2? Not to me, but it was according to a # of movie critics.

callahan093201d ago

I was just looking up their scores, and they gave this game a higher score than Heavy Rain. That's just wrong. It's not fair to the hard work put in by Quantic Dream that their quality production gets outscored by an obvious piece of crap. Dante's Inferno got a lower score as well.

Say what you will about the originality and some of the level designs in Dante's, the game was polished to a sheen. It had great graphics, voice acting, controls, etc., and it set out to do what it wanted and accomplished it well, and a game like Deadly Premonition comes along with a complete nonsense story, trash acting, garbage graphics, terrible controls, horrible production qualities, and outscores it?

It's just unfair to the hard-working, talented developers that actually accomplish something with their efforts when you criticize their work and give them low grades and then come around and give good grades to the class clown who got nearly everything wrong.

Here's a list of bullshit low grades in comparison to this Deadly Premonition score:

inFamous, C+
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, B-
Heavenly Sword, B-
Heavy Rain, B
Dante's Inferno, B
Resistance 2, B
Lost Odyssey, C+
Condemned 1, B-
Mirror's Edge, B
Ninja Gaiden 2, B
Geometry Wars, B
Muramasa: The Demon Blade, B

I could really go on and on, I mean, it's tough to find game that they scored lower than a B+ that DOESN'T deserve to be scored higher than Deadly Premonition.

Grown Folks Talk3201d ago

but it still comes down to that particular individuals taste. Someone could make a food dish that is rated as being the best item in the restaurant, but I hate onions, so I don't like it. Doesn't mean it's not good, just not for me. I look at reviews for games I'm on the fence about for info on content, length, ect. I can judge usually based off of gameplay video whether I'll enjoy it or not. I'll take the word of a close friend who shares similar tastes over a "pro" reviewer any day.

GiantEnemyCrab3201d ago

Was that a type-o? I think they meant D+ and even then it might be a bit too high..

Stop drinking Destructoid Kool-Aid it will give you shingles.

Therodofgod3200d ago

The amount of vitriol being spewed at reviewers for actually enjoying this game over (insert AAA title here) makes me weep for current gen gamers. Isn't fun the point of video gaming in general? Is it really so hard to believe that a game with the fraction of the pedigree or funding of other titles might actually be enjoyable? Have any of the commentors here or on the Destructoid review actually played DP? Well I have about 12 hours invested over the last three days and here is my take.

I have played and finished ME2(three play throughs). I'm almost done with Bayonetta and AC2. All are amazing titles and loads of fun. Deadly Premonition just happens to be more fun. It doesn't have the polish of ME2, the awesome combat of Bayonetta or the terrific controls of AC2. It doesn't need them. The narrative, the characters and the tension create an experience that no game from this generation has even come close to. The controls are clunky but workable. The driving will grate your nerves, but you figure it out. The graphics resemble what Gun looked like when it was upscaled from the PS2/GC to the 360, but they dont take anything away from the actual gameplay.

If you think that maxing out the U3 engine and hiring David Hader is the only way make an enjoyable game, thats fine. There are plenty of titles like that available. I applaud a company that has this much ambition. Those willing to try it out will find something truly unique. Though they are nothing alike, I'm reminded of the first time I played Shadow of the Colossus when I'm playing DP. It takes everything you know about gaming or a specific genre and tosses it out the window to deliver an experience.