PS3 Motion Controller Q&A

Sony's upcoming controller for the PlayStation 3, still known simply as the PS3 Motion Controller, has been the source of much speculation since its debut at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The demos for the wandlike device have teased a number of different in-game experiences, but we have yet to see exactly what the new peripheral has to offer. With Sony holding a press event tomorrow, we expect to hear and see much more on the upcoming device shortly. But while we're waiting, we checked in with Sony's Rick Marks to poke around a bit more for information on the peripheral.

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myothercar3142d ago

i like the idea of reaching in and manipulating objects, whether in a gaming or artistic/creative form. not just moving around blocks on a conveyor belt obviously, but the possibilities are endless. it's like a 3D mouse pointer, a new kind of interface.

OnlyOnN4G3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

A gif from neogaf demonstrating how fast it tracks...



Higher Quality Gif


3142d ago
Blackcanary3142d ago

i didn't notice how great the tracking was not until i saw that gif u posted up. that's amazing.

What time is Sony's Press conference at GDC?

fantasygamer3142d ago

it tracks really well now i just wanna see ALOT of games demonstrated for it ^.^

presto7173142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I am so glad they did NOT name it Gem though. Arc is so much better.

EDIT: I definitely think Arc is 'Wii HD". I mean you get whatever is to be gotten from a wii, but in addition, you get it in full HD, on blu ray, on arguably better / more hardcore games. Good stuff if you ask me.

morganfell3142d ago

Tommorrow, the 10th at around 7PM Eastern.

Rhythmattic3142d ago


Personally , I reckon they should have called it ORB.

Still, whichever name, the 1 : 1 tech makes it a very interesting Add-On.

saint_john_paul_ii3142d ago

the other addition is you get is augmented reality as well.

jack_burt0n3142d ago

gif is f**king impressive

Microsoft Xbox 3603142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Now that's TRUE 1:1 motion. This is the motion tech we needed from the very beginning. Really glad Sony is doing it.

Natal on the other hand has a ghost effect with it's motion. Lags on every move.

presto7173142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Natal's movement reminds me of the protoss high templar with the blue shimmers.

@ Rythimmatic,

You're right. ORB does sound better. Hmmm....

kneon3142d ago

That's what you get when you have high quality accelerometers in addition to camera tracking. The camera can't detect motion more frequently than it's frame rate. But the accelerometers give you data during each frame capture so that the camera frame rate does not limit the responsiveness.

The camera basically will just correct for any accumulated error from the accelerometers every frame so that it can never stray too far off.

3142d ago
YoungKiller253142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

i LOVE your selective hearing. he said we dont know what people will use the controller for without the regular 1:1 stuff, not we dont know what people can use this for here you go lol

Bubble Buddy3142d ago

After seeing the swords part, can we PLEASE have LucasArts make the lightsaber game I wanted since forever. I haven't touched the WIi in months. I actually unplugged it in case it becomes a fire hazard, save a tiny bit of electricity.

DarkTower8053142d ago

When I saw the clip of them using the motion controller as a flashlight I immediately thought of Alan Wake. A game like that would go hand in hand with this technology.

Raoh3142d ago


for a second lets forget sony vs ms..

that gif is a wii killer


Thanks to that user to share the information.

That's a win.

D4RkNIKON3142d ago

That gif is awesome. Absolutely no LAG!

edhe3142d ago

Hate to be a killjoy but without the frame of reference [ie seeing the people playing with the controller at the same time] on that .gif there's no measurement of lag.

What you're seeing is the console's interpretation of their movement, it could still be any amount of time after the actual action took place.

No reference = no measurement = no genuine knowledge of the performance [From the .gif, can't watch vid]

I'm hoping that sony will come out with a nice sku for all of this, so when i finally do get the third console it'll have everything in the box.

Syronicus3142d ago

That GIF is amazing! Just seeing how fast it tracks the spin of that blade is enough to say this controller tracks 1:1. Good find bud. Have a bubble!

Oner3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

@ Edhe ~ Sorry to burst your little biased misinformation bubble but if you watch the actual video that is in the article you will see multiple times where they show BOTH the player (Anton Mikhailov) and the Motion Controller while being used...actually starting right 20 seconds in (plus 30-45, 55-60, 1:15-1:23, 1:45-2:00, 2:05-2:14, 2:29-2:33 & 2:40-2:45) you are proven absolutely WRONG.

whoelse3141d ago

And we see what the button configuration looks like at the beginning!

DJmizuhara3141d ago

Well I saw it during E3 2009 and from I can tell is that this Arc is very accurate. Check out my video I took during E3, you'll be able to see whats going on TV screen as well as the guys demoing the controller. I've very impressive.

edhe3141d ago

like i was saying - from the .gif, can't watch the vid where i am right now.


Oner3141d ago

^^^ @ above ^^^ ~ Trolling attempt failed. Since you just cannot acknowledge that there are other parts of the video where that .gif actually CAME FROM (which I gave times for) that proves you wrong.

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LordMarius3142d ago

Cant wait for tomorrow, Hopefully Sony delivers


MajestieBeast3142d ago

Wow i saw that gif and it just shows how good the tracking is of this device i mean he can let go of it and it still tracks all the movements.

mastiffchild3142d ago

As long as they DO have a second, nunchuck style controller to go with the wands they could well be closer to what we all hoped for when we saw the revolution tech for the first time. I'm also saying it won't be able to replace pads for EVERY damn thing and, frankly should only be tried where it might-FPS,RTS and some action RPGs spring to mind but certainly, i fail to see how this could improve a pad's performance in games like DMC or GOW, no?

So, get the analog stick controller in and wow us with the software to show off the speed of tracking and amazing accuracy and we might see Sony manage something Wii has only showed us glimpses of-though why no one seems to be making anything of Motion Plus puzzles me a great deal.

As for Natal:losing the on board processing was a bad start but, seriously, though it prolly means no games of the Gears standards we hoped for we're still in the dark as to how it's going to bring us it's games and how you'll ever navigate around a gameworld sans analog and/or keys. If they sort out lag their dodge
ball game looks Ok but we want more complex gaming than that, don't we-hoping they both have amazing things to show this year. Starting off by Sony ditching the one handed DS3 nonsense-seriously Sony drop it and announce the 'chuck style thingy already so I can stop imagining you're making the worst game decision since Alomar was unleashed to kill RE5.

DaTruth3142d ago

Nope! I hoped for dual wielding and the dual analog ability to move and turn, like the dual shock has!

Demon's Souls with dual wielding is all I have been thinking about since E3 medieval combat demonstration!

If we've learned one thing from the PSP, it's that two analogue sticks are needed to move in 3D space!(Except with Tenchu 1, because they just did everything right with that game except putting it on PSN as PSOne classic)

Nicholas Cage3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

paint! you know for the computer how they have paint! that would be incredible, and all of the other amazing projects ofcourse.

Blackcanary3142d ago

Damn the art side of it makes me want it even more.

Microsoft Xbox 3603142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Digital graffiti is what I'm waiting for the most. Sony's Arc is the perfect tech for it.

morganfell3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I want it for the 3D depth. I want to see the new Thief title. It will be amazing using Arc. And the fact there is something enticing about reaching over one person's shoulder to stab another person in the head.

Imagine Assassin's Creed III and the fighting that will be employed with Arc.

Mista T3142d ago

wow, finally, something on consoles that can match the accuracy and precision of a mouse

Xi3142d ago

and what about keyboard and mouse attachments?