Editorial: Baby Neglected for Virtual Toddler

A couple in South Korea did little to improve the already precarious reputation of gamers after neglecting their child to the point of death in order to satisfy their gaming desires. To add insult to injury, the game they were playing revolved around tending to a virtual child.

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Ziriux2937d ago

Another case of where lawyers can say it was video games fault.

FishCake9T42936d ago

Lock the parents up and throw away the key.
PS Isnt this old???

Ziriux2936d ago

Read the article, it's not a simple news report it's a lengthy editorial.

FragGen2936d ago

This is so ironic and tragic at the same time that I fear it may cause a deadly rift in the fragile tragedy-irony continuum in the vicinity of Korea.

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stoppre2936d ago

those Koreans are nuts...not the first video game related death in korea

-Alpha2936d ago

Negligence like this happens everywhere. The only general assumption you can make is that they all make bad babysitters.

cb8102936d ago

There are idiots everywhere... some are gamers.. some are doctors...

Ziriux2936d ago

And some are just ruthless child abusers.

Lich1202936d ago

And some are all three. Those are the ones you really have to look out for.

Cinotix2936d ago

Quite sad to read about this. IT's always going to be the parents fault, or a gamers idiocy.

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