PS3 3D Firmware: June 10th?

Will the PS3 get its 3D firmware in time for the first wave of 3D televisions from Sony? Japanese site Watch AV seems to suggest so.

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jack_burt0n3056d ago

Is ps3 going to be compatible with the cheap 3d monitors around now if you dont want to shell out on a new tv?

unrealgamer583056d ago

but I really think sony is going to put all the stops into this fw update, I mean it most likely will hit the day of sony's e3 press conference.

And when I say everything I mean premium psn ( with everything listed on the survey) , I'd gladly pay for a service that would make my ps3 more engaging.

P.S: I think sony will pass out 3d glasses to the audience and do a press conference in 3D (3D trailers, etc.), I Know it's alot but wouldn't that be awesome if it really happened?

In-cognito3056d ago

So, if I have a standard HD LCD this will do nothing for me?
I would need to buy a new HD 3D capable TV?

unrealgamer583056d ago

if you have a 1080p, 120 hertz tv youre straight if you dont youre screwed.

In-cognito3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Thanks unrealgamer58.

So it will work on a 1080p, 120 hertz tv?
Ok, looks like I'll be getting a new TV sooner rather than later.