God of War III Challenges of Olympus Revealed

One of the extras that can be unlocked after finishing God of War III is the Challenges of Olympus.

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Nitrowolf22841d ago

allot of them look easy, but don't be fooled

deafwing2840d ago

... I remember pulling out my hair years ago for the last two games trying to do all the challenges; they are never easy since difficulty for the characters will be set to highest.

The_Beast2840d ago

the kill all enemies without weapons might be a tough one

mn212840d ago

should be alright, if you use the battering ram onto other enemies

massvmunkee2840d ago

man am i so pumped for this game! midnight launch for an epic title!

HeartlesskizZ2840d ago

wow kill all enemies without using weapons? now that is interesting

Major Kanimo2840d ago

the masterchief can do that easily its such a challenge for kratos

massvmunkee2840d ago

easy for MC because he has a gun and grenades.

PS360PCROCKS2840d ago

Yeah MC also isn't killing half dead skeletons, gods and mythical creatures 2 times his size or more.

DW2840d ago

... mc can't live without it :D

massvmunkee2840d ago

MC does have the luck factor though. maybe a boulder would fall and kill Kratos lol. i think theyre both cool tho.

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