Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack hitting March 30th

The Lost Gamer writes "Infinity Ward have just announced that Modern Warfare is set to receive a new map pack in just three weeks time, on March 30th 2010."

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Jumper093203d ago

why people playing this crap still? i hope nobody will buy this sh1t

t-dizzle3203d ago

take your gripe somewhere else...

Automat3203d ago

BF:BC2 is out. With FREE DLC!

frostypants3203d ago all a developer has to do to impress you is take some content off the disc, make it downloadable for free, and trick you into believing it's a deal?

I like the looks of BFBC2, but c'mon...get real...

ShinRyuHadoken3203d ago

Sorry guys ^^^

I will buy it. MW2 online is very addictive. :)

happyface3203d ago

who plays this??

MW2 is far and away the most popular online game on PS3, nothing else even comes close

Commodore3203d ago

Yeah....maybe on the 360 because they got nothing else to play. We got Heavy Rain, MAG and GoW3

MS getting that DLC was supposed to piss PS3 people off...Now we don't give a damn about the game. We'll take MAG over MW2 any day.

t-dizzle3203d ago

Agreed... What ever faults it has pale in comparison to the general addictive quality of the multiplayer... can't wait to try out new maps!!!

spunnups3203d ago

Ever since I got MAG, Heavy Rain, and GoW Collection, I haven't touched MW2. If the map packs are really good, i may take that dive, but if they are mediocre like CoD4, forget it.

BX813203d ago

@Frosty I tell you what impresses me. It's the fact that BFBC2's online is far better than MW2's. I played MW2 for the 1st time since BFBC2's release and you kind of get the feeling that MW2 is for noobs. Forget DLC and focus on fixing the core game elements!

Information Minister3203d ago

I'm ashamed to say that I still play this crap. I can't explain it. Between the cheaters, the glitchers and the boosters, there's always someone there to ruin the fun for everyone else. And yet... I keep coming back for more. Is this madness?

t-dizzle3203d ago

enter King Leonidas in 3... 2... 1...

KingKiff3203d ago

Its only DLC on the xbox... I all fits on the PC version so no silly DLC shiat for us...

In closing MW2 sucks and you all should not give Activision a single cent more.

Also you will just eb paying for old maps that have been re-skinned... RIP OFF!!!!

bioshock12213203d ago

It's the most played xbox live game I don't know about PSN but it's still very popular regardless of all the glitches. It will sell.

MAR-TYR-DOM3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I still stand by this statement, COD4 > MW2 *100 hit agree if you.... well agree :)

and hit AGREE if you also thing im the most frustrating thing in COD4 :P

Supraman213202d ago

Why is everyone hating on MW2. I just spent $15 cash and a $50 gift card for Battle Field 2. The single player was terrible. Horrible story horrible voice acting and horrible dialogue. Not to mention all the bugs. Dead bodies stuck inside boxes shadows flickering during cut scenes amongst other stuff. Ive got about 15 hours on the demo. Thats what made me want to buy the game but the more and more I play it I just cant get into it as much as I got into MW. The gameplay is allot slower. It takes barley any skill to play. Honestly I can go into a match an get 50 60 kills easily and still win the game capturing bases and blowing up sites. All you babies are like ow boo hoo MW takes no skill bf is where its at. HAHAHA The maps are so big anyone can see someone 100ft away and kill them. Lets see you in MW turn a corner and react quick enough and shoot a person. In bf you just hip fire and the person is dead. Yea MW has allot of cheap sh!t in it but whatever let the noobs do that sh!t. Put a cap in a campers ass. Ohh and there is a sh!t load of campers in bf just pus$$ying around in buildings and hiding in bushes. In no way is BF a bad game. I just dont feel its better than MW and you gotta respect my opinion cause I respect yours. You shouldnt just say it sucks cause its not what you like or possibly you just wernt good in the game. Ohh if you are 1v1 me Supraman21 PSN

jdktech20103202d ago

very true....camping is a part of FPS....primarily with snipers. For all the whining people do about MW2, it's a good game and tons of people on PSN and Live agree with me. Sure, the cheaters kinda drag a match down here and there but I just picked it up again after I slowed down on ME2 and I'm having a blast again.

So if you don't like MW2, that's fine but don't call those of us who do sheep (below) or dumb for not knowing what a good game is (plenty before) your damn game or learn how to discuss without insulting or being arrogant

(post not directed at only people above but MW2 haters in general)

AAACE53202d ago

I'm still hooked on this game, and will be buying the content when it arrives!

TrailerParkSupervisr3202d ago

They should make a map of IW's office and one team is the "bouncer looking dudes" that Activision sent in and the other team spawns in the corporate offices trying to hold 'er down.

Red Staple grenades! But, then some jerkoff is just going to glitch and have unlimited staples...

Syronicus3202d ago

I have a group I play with that totals around five or six at a time. In hardcore we avoid team killers by filling the lobby with my guys and playing tactically. We rarely get the glitchers on the PS3 version and the noob tubes and camping is just normal for COD. People play what they like and I like MW2, so sue me. If you don't like it just don't play it but for god sakes, don't hate on people for playing it. It just doesn't make sense to hate on folks for playing what they like.

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MaN_uTd3203d ago

That's great, Seeing as the maps will hit the store/market place even after what happened

Seedhouse3203d ago

Yeah, I'm glad recent events aren't affecting anything :(

painyboi3203d ago

Great way to show of the reveal date

Azazel3203d ago

Did'nt Microsoft Pay IW extra for the maps to come out on xbox first? Are the maps coming to both consoles when they release?

Shmotz3203d ago

Nah its coming out on XBL first. I would guess the PSN and PC versions just weeks behind. I'm excited though and I'm actually glad I have to wait a bit for the PS3 as the last of my money is going into God Of War III.

painyboi3203d ago

Yeah just not straight away, will be at a later date -

tdogchristy903203d ago

This is nice to hear. I haven't touched the game in months because of the glitch fest. I'll also be consumed with god of war 3. But still this is nice to hear, hope it brings new blood to the game :).

Shmotz3203d ago

I'm honestly hoping that along with the DLC patch will be the fixing of the glitches also.

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