Deus Ex 3 "surprise" coming on Thursday

VG247: Eidos Montreal boss Stephanie D'Astous has said there will be a Deus Ex 3 "surprise" coming on Thursday.

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tdrules2817d ago

oh God if it's as good as the first one we may have a winner on our hands

Hellsvacancy2817d ago

The 1st game was sick, didnt get around 2 the second game (didnt know there was 1) but the 3rd im REALY lookin 4-ward 2

sgtmus2817d ago

I really am looking forward to this. I am expecting and hoping it's going to be as good if not better than the first one. The second one really upset me, because of the dumbing down of the game mechanics. However I am being positive about it.
Thursday can not come quicker.

GiantEnemyCrab2817d ago

Another game to look forward too. I really enjoyed the first 2.

Grown Folks Talk2817d ago

They're sending me a free copy weeks before anyone else gets to touch it. Has to be the news. Just has to.