The top five Final Fantasy games

Globe and Mail's game reporter Chad Sapieha chooses his five favourite Final Fantasy games, starting with...

5. Final Fantasy XIII

Metacritic is tracking the most recent Final Fantasy at 83 per cent for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; by no means a bad score, but a bit low for the franchise. Pish posh. I've had a great time with it. It may be surprisingly linear, and it's definitely a lot cornier than most modern Western RPGs (a genre that has recently risen in popularilty), but the franchise's visual spectacle is here in full force. What's more, its newly revamped active-time battle system may well be my favourite of the entire series (I have a post on that subject forthcoming). It takes a good 12 hours or so to ramp up, but once you know all of the ins and outs of combat it becomes exceptionally satisfying. (See my review of Final Fantasy XIII online here or in Wednesday's paper.)

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blitz06233122d ago

lol @ FF8 #1. Sure it's their own opinion, but to me FF6 is even more deserving.
1. VII
2. X
3. VI
4. XII (Yes I like XII)
Just got XIII, so it could replace VIII...

ViciousBoston3122d ago

4. FF8
3. FF9
2. FF6
1. FF7

Those are the best Final Fantasy games before Square Enix came along and destroyed the formula. "Hey guys! Ya know all those things that made us successful? I think its time to throw them out the window ok? k. Levels? thats so 1997, we're going to do a sphere grid! yes yes I know I love the idea of alienating our fanbase!"

Baba19063122d ago

Mine would be:
1: ff7
2: ff9
3: ff8
4: ff10
5: ff13

im enjoying ff13 so much. i love the battle system it feels fast and effectiv. and the story is really cool. defenilty better than 12 for me. 12 wasnt magical enough for me (did enjoy it non the less). the spark was missing.