AggroGamer Review: Heavy Rain

AggroGamer: "To every person who has ever claimed that they are all about story over game play, be prepared to put your money where your mouth is. An ambitious title from start to finish, Heavy Rain will challenge you not only on your assertions, but possibly your morality and level of immersion as well. Whether you call it "interactive media," a "story-driven game" or "Choose Your Own Adventure gone wrong," Heavy Rain will intrigue you enough to play it and it will elicit a reaction whether it be for good or for ill.

The story is in the not-to-distant future of a city gripped in fear of a kidnapper / serial killer. With little hope of catching the killer, the hysteria mounts as another victim is taken. You play as each of four characters who are all looking for young Shaun Mars in a desperate race to save the missing child and bring a killer to justice. The game will test you as to how far you really are willing to go to save Shaun. Through this story and these characters, I experienced remorse, anger, helplessness, resolve and pity."

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