Mock-up image of PlayStation Arc; Developer confirms 'nunchuck'

PSUNI: Development sources have now had their say on whether the PlayStation 3's motion control solution will come with both the 'Wand' and a 'nunchuck.' Following the expansion of our article around the web, the answer is 'yes' and now we can bring you a pretty accurate representation of what the pair will look like.

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jack_burt0n3050d ago

here come the sports titles, golf will be great with this accuracy.

TOO PAWNED3050d ago

I think this will be huge flop (so will Natal but that is another subject). It looks more and more as "me-to" and let's not forget how ridiculous Wii mote + nunchuck are, with this you have also red ball/blue ball on top and it looks like sex toy.
Someone posted funny comment "the red/blue ball on the main controller doesn’t look too great, kinda makes it look like a sex toy, fulfilling the role of “It only does Everything” XD".

Just my opinion, hopefully i am wrong

techie3049d ago

Ever seen a sex toy with a glowing ball on top?

-Alpha3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

The bulb is apparently needed for tracking, though I question the size of it. Sex jokes are bound to ensue, but I'll only laugh if they are used by Xbox fanboys in a joke of an attempt to downplay the controller. Let's face it, it's bound to happen, Motion Control Wars are going to be even funnier I presume.

I just hope that along with the analog remote that the price doesn't jack too high. I am liking how the controller is looking overall, and I like that it has more/better placed buttons than the wii. I just couldn't enjoy the odd placements of the buttons on the WiiMote.

Rumor3049d ago

looks good, but the extra ps button is too much, and the main controller should have kept the diamond layout for x, square etc. buttons.

FamilyGuy3049d ago

Hots Shots Golf, Tiger Woods, MLB The Show, ect will all see new light with this device. People buy those sports games already and I can only imagine the release of this controller increasing their sales.

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GrandDragon3050d ago

Ummm? Sony have been working on the Arc for well over 5 years now and they've had this concept in R&D way before Nintendo's WiiMote, so to call it a "Mee Too" is just being ignorant. This will be as accurate and precise as the input on a DS3 controller with no lag/delay, so stop thinking of Lagtal whenever someone mentions the Arc controller.

The images in this article are only a mock-up so just chill.

techie3049d ago

They wouldn't have brought it out if it wasn't for Nintendo.

tunaks13049d ago

"Ummm? Sony have been working on the Arc for well over 5 years now and they've had this concept in R&D way before Nintendo's WiiMote, so to call it a "Mee Too" is just being ignorant."
I think it would be ignorant to deny any connection to the Wii, let me guess if Sony's developers told you they saw pigs fly you would believe them too?

techie3049d ago

Does look a bit like "me-too" but the technology behind it is better.

Blackcanary3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

every ones comment in these articles to do with the Motion controller and the idea of games that people are thinking of. Comments that are full of positivity and hope wish N4G was like this all the time lol.

Dam it i can't wait for 2night. PLEASE PLEASE FATAL FRAME for the PS3. lol

edit: i take it back not every comment is positive but its still fun to read them though lol.

techie3049d ago

Reading is fun, but not on N4g.

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