In pictures: the most badass villains in video games

GamePro: "Let's face it: Being good is kind of mind-numbingly dull. One-dimensional protagonists with less charisma than a wooden spoon don't help matters either. This is why there is always the temptation to stray from the beaten path, give Yoda the one-finger salute and dance off with the Sith Lord. Deep down, we all want to be a baddie at heart. It's a one-way trip to Coolville -- and who doesn't want to be cool?

These are the guys that completely stole the show, and owned the games they appeared in. They're the enemies we wish we were controlling; even as our hapless hero endeavored to defeat them..."

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csimpson2833d ago

The one-armed Mexican general from Red Dead Revolver should be on there too.

MmaFanQc2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Kratos will obviously be THE most badass villain in video game.

spankipants2833d ago

Kratos, is, unfortunately, a hero...

Panthers2833d ago

They sort of mention him in a way. He is a Anti-Hero. He is not a villain, although I find that hard to believe.

massvmunkee2833d ago

kratos is THE definition of badass and epic! nuff said.

rezzah2833d ago

Dante is the definition of badass, however it is questionable weither Virgil (Dantes twin brother) is of equal or greater badassness than Dante. lol.

Kratos does deserve the "Epic".

MmaFanQc2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

are you really sure?


finish gow3 then post again....

Darkstorn2833d ago

Diablo from the Diablo games...

acidspew2833d ago

Lol! I know, he's pretty evil. Remember how Kratos smashed the heads of the Prophets in GoW2 to get to the Three Fates? It was brutal! XD

ThanatosDMC2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I fully agree. He's not a villain though. Vergil was umm... in between since he doesnt mind killing demons or humans.

But the best villain is that a-hole from Uncharted 2. I dont recall his name though, but damn... that guy was always on your ass the whole time.

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grumpysmurf2833d ago

"Whose jaws didn’t drop in awe as Shepherd, who was probably pushing 60, took down two hardened army soldiers almost half his age? Go grandpa, go!"

Ha ha, yeah I couldn't believe it when Shepard took down Soap and Price. They must have been from the New Zealand army.

spankipants2833d ago

GLaDoS for the win! She single-handedly made Portal my favourite game =)

CoderDunn2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

lol yup. Including GlaDOS automatically makes this list a win.

I also like how Kerrigan is included. When I was younger and first played the SC campaign, that was a serious WTF moment!

acidspew2833d ago

Some would argue SHODAN is better but screw em. GLaDoS > SHODAN.

csimpson2833d ago

GLaDoS only had to hang around for an hour or so - SHODAN stuck in for the long haul to make your life a literal living hell!

jimboh2k2833d ago

Kim Jong Il is the most badass villian ever! Oh wait, is he not in video games?

Panthers2833d ago

And while he may be evil, I wouldnt call him bad ass. He looks more like a sissy to me. Hell the man keeps agents in Europe to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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