ModDB Announces New Indie Digital Distribution Platform

Gamer Limit writes: "Until now, indie games that have any chance of making it in the main stream have to be featured on Steam, Impulse, or some other digital distribution platform for gamers to indulge."

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Fullish3121d ago

C'mon, this will die quicker then it starts.

Jorrel563121d ago

I hope not. Indie needs a central hub like this for distribution. I don't care if it has a standalone application. If it is like D2D that is fine by me. Either way, I hope this goes somewhere.

DangerCurtis3121d ago

It's like the IFC channel. Tons of good games, but hard to pick one out among all of them.

chrisjc3121d ago

Why not just put Indie on Steam? Makes no sense.

Fullish3121d ago

Because Steam is too expensive to use.

themizarkshow3121d ago

I'd like to see Steam be even more welcoming to indie games and give them a bit more wiggle-room to make their stores how they want (as this seems to be doing)... but I kinda doubt it will happen. I love Steam, but with all the huge supporters behind it now, it doesn't need to go out of its way for the indies. It can make them do a bit extra to come to them.

Akagi3120d ago

So it's just like Steam, right? Or are they free?

themizarkshow3120d ago

From what I can find, it sounds like a much more "social" version of Steam, meaning that users can comment/rate games on their store pages, that the Devs will have the ability to design their own storefronts, and that the makers/devs will probably be the ones in charge of all pricing/sales/etc.

But there isn't much info about it online yet. So it could change as it gets closer to release.