Seybold: PSMC to be pushed with an "aggressive approach"

VG247: Head of comms at SCEA, Patrick Seybold, has told VG247 that the PlayStation Motion Controller will be "promoted" at release with an "aggressive approach"

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saint_john_paul_ii2931d ago

they better be aggressive. dont turn this into a PS eyetoy/eye

Omega42931d ago

Its identical to the Wii so i dont see how then can market it without seeming like a copycat

lokiroo4202931d ago

At least they made their own hardware like nintendo, shame it cant be said for the other guy.

HolyOrangeCows2931d ago

"Identical" if the Wii was more accurate.

fedex6822931d ago

So what do you call Natal?

Wh15ky2931d ago

You're right, to a certain extent. Sony will have to be very clever with the advertising otherwise the casual Wii owning crowd are going to see the commercials and think it's just a wii rip off. However us people in the know will know better.

shazui1232931d ago

PS wand is far more accurate than the wii's motion control. In addition Natal is far more accurate than an eyetoy.

Too bad natal will take up 30% of the 360's already insuffiicient processor resources whereas the arc should theoretically make little significant difference at all to the performance of the ps3 (partly due to its 3.2ghz xdr ram and spus which will be calculating and transferring the tracking data)

OnlyOnN4G2931d ago

Make compelling software and it will sell itself.

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tiamat52931d ago

Push the Wand! Push the Arc! Way out! Go Sony Go!!!

MajestieBeast2931d ago

If its hardcore yes if its casual then f*ck em.

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