White Knight Chronicles: Free Quests through June

Cristian Cardona on Playstation Blog writes: "By now we're hoping many of you out there are enjoying everything White Knight Chronicles has to offer on the PS3. For those of you who have gone through the single player campaign, there's still plenty to do on GeoNet and with the Georama. If you haven't taken a look, be sure to check out this video that tells you all about it."

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WildArmed3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Jizz in my pants.

Can't wait.
I guess i'll be switching between this and GoW3 till June.

Thanks abunch Level 5.
I think this just sole my JRPG of the year :)
Can't wait for my FF13 to arrive this week.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

FFXIII have to wait for me.

WKC is more interesting, why? Because of the multiplayer, in my opinion, that is why is better than FFXIII (I don't care about the graphics, because it is not an FPS) if FFXIII had any multiplayer, no doubt I will swap WKC for that.

WildArmed3050d ago

Aye .
The reason why wkc is mindblowing is because of it.

My bud and me split FF13 half-way so we could share it.
So i think i might let him borrow it first, then once he is done I might put down WKC for abit for it.

But if he returns it after march 16, it's GoW3 all the way.

Raoh3051d ago

i need to go back to this game, started but didnt go far..

after god of war i'm not buying any games.. so i hope to catch up soon..

underrated game

WildArmed3050d ago

Definitely the most underrated game of '10 so far.

I was VERY surprised how the game was after the lackluster reviews.
The game is amazing. Specially after you hit around Guild Rank 8.

Myst3050d ago

Going to wait for my new HDD before I jump back into my other games, until then Final Fantasy for me. Thankfully the White Knight Chronicles save wasn't locked...

WildArmed3050d ago

New Hdd? Why so?
My 60gb is still only half-full >.<
(ofc I delete my install files after I finish the games like DMC4, MGS4 etc etc)

Anywayz, have fun with your upgrade!
I'm tempted to do it myslf, but fear losing Demons Souls save data and all the 400 hours i put in that damn game! Collecting Colorless demon souls and getting allt he waepons wasn't exactly easy to do for me. xD (atleast time wise)