Crysis meets Counter-Strike: Impressive CryEngine 2 Map Aztec in development

CryEngine 2: Aztec version 2 in development, impressive screenshots inside.

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MajestieBeast3204d ago

Where is the office map my personal fave.

ikkokucrisis3204d ago

make more levels please!!

sashimi3204d ago

i hate Aztec, my least favorite map. de_dust/de_dust2/office FTW

pwneddemocrat3204d ago

now i miss those 5 v 5 de_dust2 matches T.T
oh the memories with this game
fps legend, nuff said
although at anytime i'd take cs 1.6 on source, this game was never about the graphics
these screens do look good though

chak_3204d ago

absolutly, this game reminds me sweet times.

oh well, school then CS for so many hours it's not decent to say it.

Not playing it since ages, but I can understand some people still play it, fantastic gameplay and hook factor

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