Final Fantasy XIII Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "Final Fantasy XIII is an amazing game. With an engrossing story and a thrilling new battle system, this is one title you can't afford to miss as an RPG fan. However, though it succeeds on the most important fronts, there are some notable areas where the game could have been better. The linear level design is a fairly large stumbling block, and if you are used to open-world games, it can make the entire experience feel a little claustrophobic. In addition, the lack of side quests can make this title fall short of any 100+ hour expectations. Still, if you can get past these issues, you are in for a sumptuous, exhilarating adventure that is unlike anything else you've ever seen."

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Baba19063199d ago

love this game. been playing it for a few hours and i absolutly adore it. i even like the linearity of the game, doesnt bother me at all.