Survey Says Netflix Pondering Nintendo DS Streaming

Kotaku writes: How likely would someone in your household be to stream TV and movies from Netflix to a Nintendo DS, should such functionality be made available? That's the question Netflix is seeking an answer to via an online survey. Would you watch?

With a plethora of HD video capable portable devices at my fingertips, the Nintendo DS is probably the last handheld I would consider watching streaming video on, but that's just me. A Netflix survey looks to be testing the non-Fahey consumer population to see if they'd like to give DS video streaming a go.

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lzim3052d ago

Maybe if the device was 3G equipped.. but even then it would be hard to justify the data plan for mobile media streaming for such low res content, music I can understand, TV shows maybe.. but HD shows and movies wouldn't be possible. It might be cheaper than an iPhone.. but do people watch movies on their iPhones? (rhetorical because I don't want to know)

On a future nintendo handheld that had a good enough screen (or two) maybe, but not DS.