Suda Happy With NMH2 Critical Response, Interested In PSN, XBLA

CC: Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda has said that he is very pleased with the critics reaction to No More Heroes 2.

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SpaceSquirrel3122d ago

I wondered if the PSN/XBLA project is that horror title with EA.

mjolliffe3121d ago

I don't want another zombie arcade shooter, had enough of them for a while.

A dis based game would be good, a proper blockbuster for PS3, 360 and PC maybe?

PhilipLarkin3121d ago

Horror on PSN? That'd be sweet

SpaceSquirrel3121d ago

According to wikipedia, the EA collab is also slated for the PC and Wii as well as PS3/X360.

movements3121d ago

PSN is daily growing by leaps and bounds folks! Nice, and Xbox Live is more alive than ever!

kevco333121d ago

I wonder if it'll be based on a No More Heroes character likes he said he might in this interview...


mjolliffe3121d ago

Don't think so... I want a real good FPS. Take 2-4 years making it, and make it spectacular please :)

Redempteur3121d ago

NMH2 is over the top but it's so good it's fun ..
also it really doesn't think of itself seriously and that help a lot for the story