Yakuza 3 Hits Western Shores

Aaron Webber on Playstation Blog writes: "The big day is finally here. As Yakuza 3 begins the journey to stores across the west, we take another look at what makes Yakuza 3 something you'll find only on the PS3.

"If there's one thing about Yakuza that these last few months have taught people," I thought as I sat at lunch on Monday, "It's that the fans are a force to take seriously…usually." Fans can be the biggest allies and proponents of games that may not be the huge, multi-million sellers like (insert generic FPS here), or (insert additional generic FPS here). They can create amazing successes for games that were never expected to have them – looking at you, Valkyria Chronicles – and they can just as easily do the opposite, in some cases."

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Pennywise3120d ago

Poor Yakuza, swept under the rug unnoticed on our radars because of FFXIII and GOW3.

PimplePopperMD3120d ago

Yakuza IP is better than both of those games. Although if you cant enjoy wont like any Yakuza.

Get a PS2, enjoy Yakuza from the beginning.

Skyreno3120d ago

im still thinking of buying this rather than FF13 :/ idk ... i saw videos and looks awesome play demo and was hard lol but that good :)

PimplePopperMD3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Simple minded fools will buy other games before getting Yakuza 3. If youve played the first two on PS2, surely youll be getting Yakuza 3. Most places arent selling it until tomorrow. Yakuza is a better franchise than God of War could ever be. Better direction, better story telling, more creativity, better gameplay. Go ahead, disagree; enjoy your square, square, triangle, repeat. Then enjoy your FPS. You naive youngsters shouldnt even be graced with such a wonderful IP.