Developer Confirms Arc Nunchuck

TheSixthAxis: "We've mentioned this before, of course, but without going into specifics it's not really worth it to put some poor developer on the line and quote them ad verbatim. Thankfully, though, Develop have done, and confirmed that the Arc will be getting a nunchuck."

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-Alpha3142d ago

My biggest fear was lack of an analog stick.

Alcon Caper3142d ago

hmm...looks oddly familiar...

RememberThe3573142d ago

I have more faith in Sony then I did in Nintendo when it came to motion controls (I was right now that) but I'm still not convinced that this will be anything that more hardcore gamers can get into.

But I agree the nunchuck is needed.

mastiffchild3142d ago

Why ever not? We ALL thought there was great promise when we first heard about what Nintendo wanted with The Revolution and that we've seen just glimpses so far, even with Motion Plus, doesn't mean the promise has died for a BETTER than analogues FPS control system to even rival the accuracy, while being way more immersive, of keyboard and mouse, does it?

Same for 1:1 sword and lighsaber duels, bow and arrow games, RTS(could REALLY benefit from these on console and hasnn't really ebven been tried yet), RPG elements not yet aired and all sorts I haven't even touched on. the important thing that Wii ahs taught us, however, is that these controls have to be better than what we ALREADY use to be worth using and the likes of MP£ proves that an alreadt classic franchise can be improved with a little thought and no inaccurate waggle in sight. There's STILL a possibility that motion controls as wii envisaged can improve gaming in general but they just aren't a total replacement for as much as i love what Konami did with PEs for Wi it's still not as great as fifa10 on PS3. Theym devs, must be wise and choose the right places and times to incorporate the motion and avoid the vague waggling and over large movements that blighted so many Wii games where it was shoehorned in for no good reason. Sony might just do tis a lot better after learning from the mistakes already made AND having a wider base of "core" type gamers in place and growing all the time compared to the mini game loving newer Wii gamers.

IDK exactly what Sony even WANT from this, don't know any of the Natal answers either and so far haven't seen anything suggesting how they'll get round the problems an analog stick solves for both Nintendo and Sony(IF there IS to be a nunchuck style controller too-and there HAS to be)but by E3 we'l know a lot more but i don't buy that there's no way motion controls CAN improve things in SOME areas as long as we don't make the error of thinking they're the answer for everything. Keep an open mind and you might just be surprised.

DOMination3142d ago

I can't wait to play Wii shovelware on my machine that 'only does everything'

wingman32x3142d ago

Oh, don't you worry, Natal will get its fair share of shovelware too.

deadreckoning6663142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Did Sony just copy Nintendo???
Welp, guess everyone has to copy sometime. Like I've said before, M$ is concerned with Sony and Sony isn't concerned with M$, their BOTH concerned with Nintendo and this is just further proof of that.

Edit: Damn Pennywise, ur that much of a fanboy that ur trying to spin this? Sony included an analog stick..GREAT, but what are your thoughts on the fact that Sony BLATANTLY copied some elses design?

Pennywise3142d ago

Gamers screamed for an analog stick. ARC was delayed because of it. Sony listens.

Milky Joe3142d ago

To be fair though, the reason Nintendo released the nunchuk was because it was needed, so that fact that sony are releasing a 'nunchuk' as well doesn't really mean they're copying, just doing what's needed. It's kinda like saying sony are copying nintendo by having buttons on their controller.

Although you can't argue that 'Arc' does smell faintly of wii (see what I did there? genius tbh)

-MD-3142d ago

Nice spin Pennywise lol, Arc was delayed because it's a Sony product lets not lie to ourselves here.

bruddahmanmatt3142d ago

Rest assured that if the PS3 motion controller finds its way into enough homes, developers and producers of mature titles on the Wii will finally abandon the console and shift their work over to the PS3. Games like Dead Space: Extraction will finally have a home.

Cenobia3142d ago

Yeah MS could learn a lesson there....

/just being argumentative

Rock Bottom3142d ago

This is madness, imagine all the law suits filed at sony from people who got hurt by Arc Nunchuck.

D4RkNIKON3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

To every one who thinks that this is an official picture you are so very wrong. It is just a mock up done in photoshop with the Wii's nunchuck. This is not what the official product will look like. If you think it looks strangely familiar it is because it is an actual wii nunchuck in the image.

EvilBlackCat exactly. The nunchuck is a lot like the wii, but nintendo saw it necessary to add it as did Sony. No point in making a huge mistake by not having analog because you were afraid of being to much like the competition. Natal is a lot like the Eye toy but where the eye toy failed was first off marketing, no one really knew about it.. Also the eye toy had no buttons and so Sony are learning from that mistake.

EvilBlackCat3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )




I guess this will calm down all those "NAtal is just a copy of the Eye Toy" comments around here.... mmm not this is n4g.


No matter what shape the Nunchuck end up having its the same sh1t.
Just like you guys judge natal.

FamilyGuy3142d ago


Dude +B
Best pun of the week!

UnwanteDreamz3142d ago

Thanks for showing up now that you have hit your quota move along please : )

Jamie Foxx3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

You pwned yourself so bad I actually cringed for you,read your comment then think of RROD

Edit-you cringed? Well now you know how you make 'real' gamers feel with your trolling,stop being a cheerleader mini skirts don't suit ya.

Noble Spartan3142d ago

HAHAHA What is this straight rip-off from Nintendo Wii.

Arc is just wii-motion plus.

Wii owns this crap motion rip off.

Natal seems much more interesting.

D4RkNIKON3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Hey murder, if you say it loud enough it must be true! Keep hoping for the worst in all things Sony and don't hold your breath.

@Noble Spartan what is interesting is the lack of buttons that hold back Natal. Mark my words, there will NEVER be a core gaming experience with out a controller using Natal. If they do use Natal in core games, it will be with a controller. Not having buttons is something that Sony has already made the mistake of doing and Nintendo even said they turned down Natal's tech for the wii.

-MD-3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

What about RROD? I haven't seen one of those in 3 years.

Lol, some of us are just born lucky ;)

Edit: Comon guys It's the truth! Sony delays everything they release stop being so defensive.

Edit 2: I cringed when you used the word 'pwn'.

D4RkNIKON3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Murderdolls just shut it man, it was delayed for the perfect reason. I don't care that we have to wait till fall if it is done right, releasing it in the spring without analog would have been a fail and you are just pissed that Sony isn't dumb enough to do that. MS is tho, no buttons is the worst idea I have ever heard. Enjoy flailing about in an open room playing the shovel game.

UnwanteDreamz3142d ago

"What about RROD? I haven't seen one of those in 3 years."

2 reasons this might be the truth.

1. He bought a PS3
2. RROD is now E74

Either way I could give a phuck

TROLL EATER3142d ago

looks very familiar to something?

otherZinc3142d ago

I hope Nintendo sues SONY! Cant SONY make something on their own?

morganfell3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Anyone that thinks you can play a core FPS title in Natal without a controller is smoking dope. You can't stand there and squeeze your finger and have a weapon fire. It doesn't work like that. We'll see this week how bad the lag still is on Natal. We leave very early in the morning for GDC. If it is still lagging there then get ready because you won't get anything better.

We'll also find out how much Natal is going to cut the resources of the overtaxed 360 since the Xbox now has to handle processing.

It kills me that people think they are going to get a hardcore experience in Natal. "But look, you can duck using Natal! You can lean using Natal!" Do you realize how fast that is going to get old?

And get ready to pay. This is MS, the company that charges double for a HDD that has half the capacity you find for a PS3 HDD. Natal is going to cost and it won't be double digits either.

360 owners act as if Natal is the Messiah. You are in for a very rude awakening. The bad thing is that when it comes they will have painted themselves into a corner. They are expecting Noah's Ark but instead they are going to get a rowboat.

As far as accusing Sony of being the ones lacking originality...

_vx3142d ago

yah that thing your mom keep in the closet ,,ops Oshhhh!!

JoySticksFTW3142d ago

I remember that demonstration with the guy using the DualShock one-handed to move around.

Man, F' That

Do it right, or don't do it at all.

Guess Sony's gonna do it right :)

OnlyOnN4G3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Glad to hear it, the dualshock really isn't the most comfortable way to hold one handed as it's designed to be held with both, but still nice having the option to use DS3 if you don't want to buy the more ergonomicly designed nunchuck, even if it's not the most elegant solution.

Blaze9293142d ago

oooooh, but only Microsoft steals things. Sony is teh innovators of teh yearz.

sikbeta3142d ago

Well, AT LEAST Now People will Have an ANALOGUE STICK, so if the dil-wand don't have a stick people complain, now that the thing have an Stick, people complain cuz is a copycat, sorry but at this point every company is copying motion-control-crap, so what do you expect?

wii-mote = shovelware
wand = shovelware
natal = shovelware

Microsoft Xbox 3603142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Sony's Arc will succeed because big third party games that were meant only for the Wii is now going to be developed for the PS3 as well while Natal sits on the sidelines waiting for a dev team to make games for it.

Arc gets instant 3rd party support. Any devs that aren't on MS's payroll most definitely won't support it.

Arnon3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

"Any devs that aren't on MS's payroll most definitely won't support it."

Wow... Microsoft must own 80% of all the world's gaming publishers. So, who exactly is supporting Arc aside from Sony?

meetajhu3141d ago

Wii HD is here thanks to Playstation 3. God of War 3 graphics and games with this 100% accurate motion control is full of Win

RumbleFish3141d ago

I never feared that. And All the people have to stop thinking, the PS 3 motion controller will be for casuals only. This will be for hardcore gaming, since it will be precise, and won't lack the buttons and the stick. This is not comparable with the motion controllers by M$ or Nintendo.

Syronicus3141d ago

What "looks" familiar? The mock-photo used for this submission? Or have you seen an official photo? From my understanding, there are no released photos at the time of my post here.

fatstarr3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

see Nintendo nuts is in Sony, Microsoft and apples mouths.
all they do is copy. ill keep it fresh with nintendo. lol look at the ppl on this site clamoring at the same thing many people called a failed gimmick. hypocrites i say.

and the people saying hardcore gaming and etc. i dont see you playing god of war with this. want to have a test go get some wii remotes and try to mock play god of war III.

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Blaster_Master3142d ago

Yeah, Nintendo definitely stole Sony's idea. Thank god Sony didn't rush it like they did.

Cajun Chicken3142d ago

LMAO. I can't say I agree with Sony's blatant stealing of past innovation here. I'm going to have to have the PSEye blutacked on top of my Wii Sensor.

Well, here's hoping it delivers games. I mean, REAL games. Not just games with the OPTION of having motion control or just terrible, sporty, 'be healthy' activity stuff.

Eamon3142d ago

More like comment of the decade

chaosatom3142d ago

What was so great about the comment?

stonecold13142d ago

just what the eyetoy is its been around ages now if eyeidentify gets released arc would be awsome for that game

Alcon Caper3142d ago

It's too early in the year to decide. Still plenty of good comments on the horizon.

Redlogic3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

kinda genius. Before Nintendo can get the WiiHD out the door, Sony gets all those people who would have upgraded to HD to get a ps3 instead by imitating what Nintendo has. Ps3 already has a hardcore following so they go get the casuals next. Its the opposite of what Nintendo plans (tho WiiHD is a rumor) to do and how they approached this gen. Casual to Hardcore / Hardcore to Casual. Will it work? Idk, Show me games

Oh, and make the nunchuck wireless! that would be hot. I don't wanna have to keep tyrannosaurus rex arms on the whole time.

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hazardman3142d ago

hope this doesn't become the de facto controller for the PS3. I love my Dualshock 3

Bot Smasha3142d ago

Well done pennywise +bubbles

kissmeimgreek3142d ago

i fail to see why everyones so excited for this ARC controller. Its seriously going to be just like the wii. and YES you will see a crap load of shovelware and great hardcore games that dont sell much. JUST LIKE THE WII.

AngryFork3142d ago

Well the difference is that Sony will likely support it with it's own big games like Killzone 3, and maybe even patch it for games that would benefit like Demons Souls.

A lot of great 1st party games could benefit from this rather than just shovelware. I still prefer the controller but I would love to try it with a game like Demons Souls.

Baka-akaB3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

well personally i'm looking forward a bit to games "JUST LIKE THE WII" .

I sure would mind one gem a la "metroid prime" with gorgeous HD graphics as a bonus , if it means 10 more shovelware .

i've already "documented" my issues with the wiimote , being the precision not as great as promised/believed , without the wii motion plus . And the abuse of waggling motion instead of actual movement recognitions .

And it still didnt kill my fun with some great wii games . So i dont see how i'd feel disappointed here , with all signs pointing to better controls , or at least of wii motion level

Cenobia3142d ago

I think you need to re-watch the E3 tech demo. The bow/arrow and swordplay stuff looks awesome. A game like oblivion with implementation like that would be amazing.

AngryFork3142d ago

If anyone's interested in hearing more about the controller, there's a guy at NeoGAF who seems to know what's up. I and others there believe him.

He said the following:

Just saw pictures of Wand/Nunchuk so:

Nunchuck has an analog stick at the front, below that X and O and below that a D pad. Underneath is L1 and L2. Its actually long, not like the Wii Nunchuk.

As for the Wand it has one very big button on top and then all four facebuttons (X,O,Square and Triangle) and underneath is a big trigger called T.

I'm guess the doubling up of X and O across the two is to keep full compatibility with single Wand set-ups.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll see in the week.