God Of War 3 review round-up

Almost all of the major God Of War 3 reviews have now gone live - and Kratos' debut on PS3 has enjoyed an incredible reception.

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Al Bundy3052d ago

Remember this?


Edge Magazine Bayonetta review

A beautiful and graceful fighting game that lets imagination loose, and winks before slapping Dante, Kratos and every other hero back to the drawing board. [Christmas 2009, p.90]

Erotic Sheep3052d ago

Which is why I'm not expecting anything higher than a 6/10 from Edge. Not that their opinion would stop me from buying this masterpiece tho lol..

Sony Always Wins3052d ago

I was shocked to see a game so perfect get a 9.3 from IGN and a 9.2 from GT. Still a great game however.