RFOM - New Update Resisting Users from Logging In ?

The recent Resistance: Fall of Man Update which was released Friday seems to have a bug in it.

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Satanas4181d ago

Turning off the back switch, and then turning it back on solved this problem for everyone I knew who was experiencing it.

I cannot say it "worked" for me as I never had the problem to begin with; I turned the switch off/on before actually trying to connect in the first place.

Blackmoses4181d ago

After the update it asks you too restart the unit...
If you did this you should have had no problems, if you didn't then your having the problem. Simple!!!

geachy4181d ago

This happened to me too.

Lord Anubis4181d ago

it happens at times, if you persist trying to log in you eventually go through. Any who, insomniac is aware of the problem and they are working on a fix.

Violater4181d ago

I have to try like 2-3 times. Then I get in.

Why o why4180d ago

me and my cuz were having the same problem. Its a real problem just not as bad as the motorstorm 1

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The story is too old to be commented.