PS3 Motion Control support confirmed for Tiger Woods 11

The Lost Gamer writes "EA have announced today that one of the most prestigious Golf tournaments, The Ryder Cup, is set to feature in the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

However, of more interest to PlayStation 3 owners at least is that EA followed this by stating that the title will support Sony's new PlayStation 3 Motion Controller to allow players to experience a more authentic swing to their gaming."

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HolyOrangeCows3054d ago

Ps3 OWNS the sports genre. Not only does it have exclusive titles (MLB The Show, NBA, etc) plus all of the multiplats, but now it basically has the successor to what was often called the "definitive golf game" with similar (more) accurate technology.

fear883054d ago

Teh Natal iz ReVOLUtiONZARY.

Seferoth753054d ago

More accurate controls? Hate to break it to you kid but its basically the same exact thing. The only difference is with the Wii the sensor is on the TV and you hold the camera, and with PS3 you hold the sensor and the camera is on the TV.

It is in no way more accurate. Tiger woods was 1:1 motion on Wii. It doesnt get any better than that. Grats though on getting your first next gen game. I guess all that motion sensing is a crap fad that will soon die was just a phase some of you kids were going through

Mildrop3054d ago

I can well imagine playing this as I enjoyed the Wii versions but they lacked in the graphics department.

Looking forward to it

Gr813054d ago

Why? We've already had this in 2010.

Mildrop3054d ago

Think that's cause the article refers to Wii too, strange

tunaks13054d ago

motion controls are no longer gimmicks,
oh the hypocrisy...

Blackcanary3054d ago

a gimmick to begin with imo. Motion controllers have been around for years.

Wh15ky3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Motion controls can be a gimmick when they are forced onto games that don't need them and as a result they add nothing but frustration to the experience. Sonys wand is an add-on so there is no reason for it to be forced onto a game that won't benefit from it.

Some Wii games are fantastic because of the motion controls - FPS and TPS games are brilliant when done properly. Bowling, golfing, tennis, snooker and curling are all great fun. They are the types of games I want to see but with higher precision, top notch graphics and more depth.

Samus HD3054d ago

Arius Dion

3 - This is in the Wii Section
Why? We've already had this in 2010.

He is right

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