Tiger Woods 11 to support PlayStation Motion Controller

Much like the star it's named for, it seems the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise isn't adverse to trying new things. EA has announced that the next iteration, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, will support the PlayStation Motion Controller to "give gamers an authentic interactive swing experience."

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callahan092995d ago

Awesome. I went with the Wii version last year because of the Wii Motion Plus. I don't regret it, but I definitely missed having HD / beautiful graphics.

Noctis Aftermath2995d ago

I hope they add in Arc support for MLB:10 The Show.

Also i think it's cool they aren't slacking on the game cause of the sex scandal.

FaSeCeX2995d ago

and i hope mlb 10 gets it..if not then the following yr will

saint_john_paul_ii2995d ago

well prey that it has a strap before you go out swinging with that thing. it would suck destroying that HDtv..

FangBlade2995d ago

Do we get to have sex with prostitutes?

Lou-Cipher2995d ago

Yes, but I cant afford the high quality prostitutes that Tiger can.

I can only afford the toothless ones. :(

whateva2995d ago

I guess I'll be buying Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 on the PS3.

nycredude2995d ago

It would great if they added in game options to date hot chicks, visit strip joints and text chat with female ai during the games! Maybe choose between female models as your caddy or something like that.

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