Buffalo IEEE 802.11n Dual Channel router: WZR-AMPG300NH hits 300MBps

It's not yet completely finalized but the IEEE 802.11n standard has been used for a while by Japanese companies and Buffalo are company that do just that.

The new Buffalo WZR-AMPG300NH Dual Channel router can reach speeds up to 300MBps and features all the security you need with WPA2 to protect precious data.

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KoolMan4187d ago

I herd rumors but never though this was coming soon, i hope is not to xpensive cuz im in a need of a router

PS360PCROCKS4187d ago

technical jargon I don't know as I have no clue what other routers run at...but I do know 300MBps is fast

Premonition4187d ago

Other routers only run at 54MBps.

Blasphemy4187d ago

They are plenty of other manufactures out there who already have 300MBps routers on the market already. D-link, Netgear, Linksys to name a few all have 300MBps router out now. If anything buffalo is late to the game.

Bullseye4187d ago

300Mbps not 300MBps, and 54Mbps not 54MBps,hell of a difference guys
MB=Megabytes per second.
Mb=Megabits per second.

Also, please note due to the way wireless works, these are theoretical
speeds not likely to be average speed of a 54Mbps router in real world is about 20Mbps throughput.Still,11n will be a big improvement over 11g.

PS360PCROCKS4187d ago

Thank you for clearing that up for me and I only put MBps because the article did...I was thinking it was wrong as well