Tokyo Game Show Expanding For 20th Anniversary

The Tokyo Game Show is a videogame event/convention usually held in Japan at the Makuhari Messe. Many videogame companies and developers show off their upcoming games, with the main focus on the Japanese market.

This year will be the 10th Anniversary for the event and due to declining interest and the perceived problems that the Japanese gaming market face, there are a host of new programs to shake things up, which Siliconera report on:

- Planning of the Asian Game Business Summit

- Planning of tours for visitors from outside Japan

- Participation in the VISIT JAPAN Campaign

- Installation of the International Career Pavilion

- Introduction of the Media Partner System

- Programming of the Online ticket sales for overseas customers

- Installation of the International Exchange Zone

- Enhancement of the Business Matching System

- Installation of the Asian Culture Hub in TGS

- Game Science Museum

…and more!

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Noctis Aftermath3081d ago

This is pretty cool, makes it easier for me to go there(whenever that might be).

lzim3081d ago

yeah was kinda thinking the same when scanning for a date, but didn't see one