Why God of War 3 Doesn't Need Aggressive Marketing writes, "As we get closer to the release of God of War III, fans are eating up every bit of information they can get. The men and women at Sony are keeping a tight lid on this one however, with only the occasional trailer here, a screenshot there, and the unveiling of the box set for fans to chew on. That's exactly the way it should be. As a culture we tend to get a little obsessed with how much information we can learn before something even happens, and it's created a lot of false hopes and empty promises. God of War III is better off without it."

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jammers3001d ago

It's God Of Freakin' War. It didn't need advertising for years now.

Kyll3001d ago

It's campaign was GOW2

Rockox3001d ago

Are you people serious? While one could argue GOW3 doesn't "need" to be heavily marketed, it's ridiculous to say the game's sales wouldn't benefit from it. The demo on the District 9 BD was awesome, but I hoped that it would just be the start of a healthy marketing campaign.

edgeofblade3001d ago

This is more evidence of the arrogant nature that's creeping back into Sony and the PS community. Are we really going to go with "the game is so self-evident, it sells itself"?

We should be encouraging Sony to advertise. Dante's Inferno got a freaking super bowl ad! Why can't Sony hock up a few million for a decent ad campaign? Is this some misguided attempt to hold Sony to a "higher moral standard" than Microsoft, to the point that Sony shouldn't advertise?

... There, it happened again. I tried to drive by a field dotted by PS fanboys with their heads buried in the ground, but I ended up saying something yet again. Will I ever learn?

Cenobia3001d ago

But Sony is going to advertise GOW3...

Stop pretending that a couple of half-joking comments are the opinions of the entire "PS community." That's like me reading your comment and then declaring that Sony has no GOW ad campaign planned. Good thing I know what I'm talking about after reading one sentence...

You want to talk about arrogance? Re-read your own god dam comment. I find your use of that word incredibly ironic.

zeeshan3001d ago

Are you freggin' kidding me!? Every game, service, product needs publicity. Why does COKE keep advertising? Why do car makers like Toyota, Honda etc keep advertising? Word of mouth can only go so far, you NEED advertising! Compared to Killzone 3, Halo 3 was abysmal yet it sold millions of copies. Why? Because M$ did the right thing by spending millions in advertising.

Yes, some would argue that you spend those millions in advertising and you see less profit from a game but we all know that ads can do a lot more than move a single game. It can move even more PS3s, it can move older titles, can even help Sony sell other brands like Bravia, basically, it can move Sony's business further in the right direction.

Sony SHOULD HAVE advertised the hell out of Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Heavy Rain and I hope they don't repeat the same mistake with GOW3 although, I think they have already made that mistake since GOW3 is only about a week away and I haven't seen any GOW3 ad so far.

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mephman3001d ago

That E3 demo was all the publicity they needed... well, and David Jaffe.

red2tango3001d ago

The E3 video shocked everyone, but the of course they once again doubted the power of the PS3 and here we are once again seeing the almighty power of the console that powers this great game.

palaeomerus3001d ago

Most of the people you hope will buy God of War III have probably never heard of David Jaffe. The whole point of advertising is to attract sales from people who do not read gaming magazines, or think about, or even know who develops which games. So yeah it probably needs a good sized advertising campaign to get big sales numbers (like anything else including fast food).

Selyah3001d ago

Hehe kinda true although I'm waiting to see what everyone thinks in general before i buy.

Agent Smith3001d ago

Because Kratos is all the aggressiveness that God of War III needs.

BeaArthur3001d ago

Because everyone who plays video games has heard of God of War.

PS360PCROCKS3001d ago

Not true, I know tons who haven't. But I make them aware

BeaArthur3001d ago

Really? That is kind of weird. I guess you can exclude 60 year old Wii owners but I would think that anyone who plays a 360 or a PS3 would know.

PS360PCROCKS3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Well it was only on PS2. I can name 5 people off the top of my head with a PS3 that haven't heard of or played it. 3 of which I told them to buy the collection they they loved it.

BeaArthur3001d ago

PS360WiiRocks...I can honestly say that I am genuinely shocked.

PS360PCROCKS3001d ago

Oh me too man! I work with all of them and I was like "cool u getting GOW III" and they were like "god of what?" I couldn't believe it, I said go buy this and do it now. This is a series that shouldn't be missed. The violence, greek mythology everything is so top notch. GOW III will sell massive though, you watch. I'm guessing 5 million + easy

table3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

5+ million? I disagree. As you just pointed out, it's not a big name game. Of the 140million user base of the ps2, hardly anyone played god of war. The game will do around 3million lifetime. Not a system seller, far from it.

PS360PCROCKS3000d ago

Their is more gamers now man. Not to mention the fact their is less exclusives over less genres. Plus the generation of gamers is into like a 3rd wave now, you got the 30 year olds from the 80's, my age group 21-29, and now the kids who are like 16-20. This game WILL sell man, people will see the graphics and brutality on TV and it will sell. I hope so at least.

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