OnLive: 'Big news' coming this week

OnLive - the cloud gaming company looking to take on Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 - has revealed that it will be announcing some 'big news' later this week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (GDC).

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red2tango3121d ago

Doubt this will catch on. Maybe in 2035 lol. I'll enjoy my physical media, thank you :)

cyguration3121d ago

But if Onlive has an affordable price we can kiss the 360 and PS3 goodbye.

The Wii won't be harmed by OnLive unless it can imitate cheap aerobic rip-off titles with motion-controlled properties. But I doubt that'll ever happen.

FaSeCeX3121d ago

even at an affordable price..
then again im not seeing what u mean that its gonna put the ps3 & 360 to bed..i just dont see how Onlive will match their numbers
n yes i think Onlive is a POS..ppl experience lag from the beta cuz u have to do 'this, this, & this'
yah blow me (Onlive that is) Onlive = POS

RealityCheck3120d ago

The only relevant news would be an actual launch date, anything else will just reinforce the notion that this may become the new "Phantom"