Yahoo: God of War III Review

Yahoo writes: "If we were to list some of the incidents taking place within the opening hour or so of God of War III, it would read like lyrics from speed-metal band Slayer: Ripping apart, severing flesh, gouging eyes, tearing limb from limb ("Necrophobic"). Four hours in, the protagonist Kratos is pulling off the head of the sun god Helios, and it's absolutely horrific. If Sony's God of War series didn't have its tongue planted firmly in its cheek while its hero was busy sticking his thumbs into somebody's eyeballs it wouldn't be pretty at all. But the fact that God of War is so overtly ridiculous saves it from going to Hell."

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LordMarius3118d ago

"We told a friend in jest that God of War III on PlayStation 3 makes Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360 look like Pac-Man"


Ravage273118d ago

i must admit, that sentence literally made me laugh-out-loud ^^

Obama3118d ago

It's funny because it's true.

remanutd553118d ago

If All Of Olympus Will Deny Me My Vengeance Then All Of Olympus Will DIE!!!
In The End There Will Be Only Chaos!!!!!
Man , God , LEGEND!!!!!
7 days till i play CHAOS!!!!!