WhatifGaming: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 LE Review – With Such Bad Company, Who Needs Enemies?

Battlefield: Bad Company was a premiere shooter that marked the entry of DICE into the first-person shooter series category designed for consoles exclusively on June 23rd, 2008. Bad Company offered singleplayer, a decent online offering of 24 players from the native 64 from Battlefield's 1 and 2, and provided a venue for console shooter fans to play if they did not fancy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Nov 7th, 2007. Bad Company offered a markedly watered down version similar to elements of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in terms of multiplayer minus the ranks and perks system.

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wutangkillabees3172d ago

terrible review. Battlefield is more original than Call of duty and it is refreshing. I dont know what game this subpar writer reviewed but it has to be different from the game i have been playing