Game Boyz: Alice in Wonderland DS Review

Game Boyz writes: "For months my daughter and I have been eagerly anticipating Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. After a long wait, we took in the big screen movie on its opening day and overall we really enjoyed Tim Burton's 3D modern day take of a timeless children's classic. To tie in with the movie, Disney has released a Wii and DS game which was released only days before the big screen movie launched. I had the opportunity to review the DS version of the game. Typically movie based titles fall flat, often appear rushed, and only exist to capitalize on a film's success. Much to my surprise though, Alice in Wonderland for the DS does not present or play like so many movie-based games do. It is a charming game and certainly one of the best DS games that I have played on Nintendo's handheld machine so far this year."

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