Mass Effect 2 gains free Arc Projector DLC

The Lost Gamer writes "Bioware have announced that they have released further free downloadable content for their epic space opera, Mass Effect 2."

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Munky3199d ago

Nothing beats the Collector Particle Beam :)

joydestroy3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

uh then you haven't used the M-920 Cain

edit: i just wish it fired more rounds. wonder if there's a PC hack for that hmmmm

Cheeseknight283199d ago

The Particle Beam is a quite a bit more practical than the mini-nuke launcher... especially when you play Engineer and you don't have many options beyond Pistols and SMGs (Though the Assault Rifle training I got mid-game was useful).

NewZealander3198d ago

im putting off my second play through, at least until kasumi comes out, nice to see bioware supporting mass effect with so much free content.

unfortunately i have to fork out for a new hard drive, my old one just cant keep up with all this DLC.

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BeaArthur3199d ago

Cool weapon but I am not interested in getting new weapons. Bring on the new planets and missions.

Brixxer6003199d ago

The Hammerhead vehicle and extra missions are due at the end of this month and will also be free , not too long to wait.

In the meantime another free weapon is always cool.

lzim3198d ago

but it's an EBR!!!! carmageddon fan going nuts

Congratulations to Bioware for this awesome DLC item.

I'm concerned though about the physics.. You can ionize one enemy.. fine.. what exactly do they mean by autotargeting another nearby target? That's silly. The ionized path from you to the first target is explained (and proven in real life by HSV) by the laser ionizing the air between you and that target making it possible to span that gap of insulating air with an arc of electricity.. further targets would have to be linked by an ionized path from the target.. not from you. Since there's nothing ionizing the path between the target and ancillary targets.. the physics don't make sense. If you've done the holding hands while current is passed down the chain you know that the guy in the middle isn't bothered as much as the guy on the end getting zapped. AND arcing several shots from your location to multiple enemies isn't partical.

Theoneneo813199d ago

Figures this would come out the day after i beat my 3rd walkthrough oh well time for number 4?

otherZinc3199d ago

Its wise to buy Mass Effect 2 new! Free dlc is great!

CobraKai3199d ago

I love how they are giving away DLC. Some companies would charge $1.99 for something like this.

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