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Montrealien3116d ago

March 17: Perfect Dark, 400 points

damnightmare3116d ago

Typo, it's 800 >_<

I saw it too lol

ThisPlaceSucksBye3116d ago

Are we sure that's a typo?
Even if it is, it's a STEAL for 800 points.
Can't believe a rehash like CoD Classic is 1200 points and this true classic, packed to the brim with content is only 800 points.

Ninji3116d ago

XBL Marketplace is always full of trash & shovelware. Just look at the mediocre indie games and rehashed "classics".

mcnablejr3116d ago

Do they even update the playstation store anymore? its a wasteland.

kevinx10003116d ago

and what does the playstation store have?
indeed, less stuff, no Perfect Dark, no MW2 dlc, no fable DLC.

+ "March 9: Forza Motorsport 3 Jalopnik Car Pack.
March 11: BioShock 2 Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack.
March 16: Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Expansion Pack."

and some deal of the weeks. i see nothing wrong here.

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DelbertGrady3116d ago

Toy Soldiers and PB Winterbottom were great but I was disappointed in Scrap Metal. And that's the game I was looking forward to the most :(

XBL needs a great top-down racing game!

benny o klaatt3116d ago

Mashed Reloaded was an instant classic on the original xbox. I'd luuuurve to see that on XBLA

Senden3116d ago

Why doesn't M$ actually release their full schedule including game videos and demos? Instead of just showing the items which make them money.. greedy ****s

Montrealien3116d ago

Aww how cute, Microsoft makes him all mad.

DelbertGrady3116d ago

Why doesn't Sony release anything at all on PSN? What games have you had so far this year?

DlocDaBudSmoka3116d ago

We're too busy with full retail release games to bother with DLC.

Montrealien3116d ago

I am busy with GoW 3 atm, in between my BF:BC2 on the Xbox and my arena team in World of warcraft to worry about petty fanboy problems. sorry.

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I Play Games3116d ago

Modern Warfare DLC.......Its about f-ing time