The PSP go, Six Months Later

Broke My Controller Writes: It's been almost half a year and to this day Sony is doing a terrible job of showing their premium-priced system some love. Sure, there are a few things to like about the device, it finally fits into your pocket, it does away with the terrible UMD format and it looks sweet. But long after launch, the PSPgo ultimately leaves much more to be desired.

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Cajun Chicken3123d ago

It was a bad idea right from the start if you ask me. My 1000 still works, does the job. Also does nearly everything a PSP Go does.

timzone3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

I have a pspgo and love it. There are however some very valid points made. Especially concerning the price of new games. Having said that I am glad I sold my slim psp in favor of the go. ps I love bluetooth.

Handhelds_FTW3122d ago

The article starts with a rant on how Sony didn't meet the writers expectations regarding the PSPGO, then it just explodes into an all right full fledge Sony sucks hit piece. Do I have this correct?

I'll say this, I purchased a Pearl White Go at release date, and I have no regrets on buying one. I knew what the system was intended for and the risk of being limited to the PSN availability and its prices.

I did my research and kept a realistic view what would be done with the product, so you wont find me crying about how the PSPGO would have been this, and Sony should have done that etc.

Also putting up a game on the PSN is not a simple cut and paste job off the UMD, and another thing, for all we know PSP2 might be revealed at this year's E3 making everyone stop looking at the past on focus on the future.

At that point people will want to know only 3 things respectively, does it have a second analog stick?, if the format changes will it have UMD backwards compatibility?, and price.

Enough said.

somekindofmike3122d ago

fair comment,

but I would have to say, making a game available on PSN at release really should happen!

It's a hell of a lot more work to produce hundreds of thousands of UMDs + packaging + shipping to stores around the world ready for release day than it is to make a digital format available online at release!

Marty83703122d ago

Since Go games are digital downloads, Sony should be make a tidy profit from Go.

awesomeperson3122d ago

*Sigh*. I had a PSP 1000 since launch, over like 5 years, and then it broke last Sunday. 6 stars in Vice City Stories, on the ferries wheel the a heli in my face about to RPG it and it just freezes on me :(

I'll wait till E3 to see if a new PSP is announced, and hopefully it will be number 2, and then I can get it :)

mushroomwig3122d ago

Just froze? Ouch, I have the same model too..I hope nothing happens to mine yet. xD

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The story is too old to be commented.