Pads & Panels: Resident Evil 5 Desperate Espcae Review

"Desperate Escape," the second "lost chapter" from Resident Evil 5, falls much more in line with the typical gameplay of the core game. Where "Lost in Nightmares" used a minimalist's approach to building tension through puzzle solving and atmosphere, "Escape" opts to take a different approach, throwing waves upon waves of the Majini, those infected with the Type 2 and 3 Plagas viruses, at the player. Chronologically speaking, this episode takes place toward the end of the main game, detailing Jill Valentine's and Josh Stone's escape from the Tricell Facility. The duo must make their way out of the facility and to the helicopter on the roof, and the amount of enemies really doesn't diminish throughout. To cap off the hour-long mission is a timed survival match that ends up almost feeling like an intense retread of the Mercenaries mini-game. Speaking of which, the DLC also unlocks two more characters for the Mercenaries Reunion game: Josh Stone and Rebecca Chambers, from Resident Evil 0.

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