Final Fantasy Faux Pas

James Bishop of TheGameReviews writes: "I would be lying if I said that I wasn't concerned about the direction that the main series seems to be taking with its newest installment, released today in the US and Europe, Final Fantasy XIII. It's not as if I am opposed to shaking up the role-playing game genre and, more specifically, Japanese ideals as to what constitutes an RPG. I actually own the DS release Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings as well as a number of the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles branded games. It's not like I haven't given a fair shake to the changes that have been made in the franchise over the years."

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midi3116d ago

After all the ropey FFXIII reviews, I have decided instead to play Mass Effect 2. As a massive FF fanboy, hearing how linear and dull XIII is makes me very sad :(

SlamVanderhuge3116d ago

Same here...I bought ME2 the day that FFXIII came out. It's not that I dont want XIII, it's just....I dunno. The excitement doesn't seem to be there

Cheeseknight283116d ago

Mass Effect 2 is the superior game, but FFXIII isn't that bad. I'm enjoying watching it so far - my brother got first pick this time.

corneliuscrust3116d ago

though, IMO, the FF series began tumbling downhill after FF6.

(no i did not like FF7, now you may begin with the disagrees hehe)

Haly3116d ago

I'm only a couple of hours into FFXIII and although it is incredibly linear so far, it's still making the little Final Fantasy fanboy in me incredibly excited.
I think once you've played and loved one numeric Final Fantasy, you're hooked. Even if the fans are becoming a little long suffering now.

shoinan3116d ago

Nearly tipping over the edge..

BetaChris3116d ago

Linear or not, I am still looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII immensely...

reddevilyi3116d ago

The JRPG format really needs to change. The genre has barely changed since the 16-bit era and it's really annoying when a company does something to change the formula and people immediately bash. Not that the author of the article is doing that, but I would rather see devs try things that fail than have them regurgitate the same game over and over.

CimmerianDrake3116d ago

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The JRPG format is fine, especially in the fickle area of video gaming tastes where one bad game can ruin any hopes of a sequel. Trust me when I say that the minority (i.e. people like you) that want the games to change are eclipsed by the majority that love that JRPG's, for the most part, stick to what they do best. We don't need the FPS genre forcing it's way into every other genre. It's overplayed, stale, and old in ways that a repetitive story plot of some teenagers saving the world using 4 Crystals can never touch.

JRPG's are about incredible stories and moving music, they aren't about getting head shots, kill streaks, taking cover, etc... People don't play JRPG's for the same reasons they play FPS's. When a JRPG fan is looking to play a JRPG, it's so they can be immersed in a story, not so they can be plopped in the middle of a battlefield and go right into the action.

JRPG's are becoming too Westernized, and they have almost completely lost the uniqueness that made them special. Thank God for those developers that stay true to the old ways that we came to love. Having played every FF game in the main series (except XI, I refused to play that) and many of the spinoffs (Final Fantasy Tactics is a million times a better game than Tactics Advance), I can tell you that games like FFIV, VI, VIII, and X are superior games to any "new" JRPG that tries something "different" and ruins what never needed to be fixed to begin with.

Shinro3116d ago

What JRPG have you played?

mr durand pierre3116d ago

I can't for the life of me get excited for this game. I bought it for my g/f, watched her play the first 70 min and it fell terribly flat to me. I mean it's in my room and I could play it any time I want, yet I still have no desire to. For shame.

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