God of War 3 Comparision Shots

TSA Writes:

We have came across some God of War III comparison shots which show the differences between the Final Version and the Demo.

As you can see, in most of the shots the differences are quite noticable, adding that extra level of detail which really makes this game one the best looking around.

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spandexxking2999d ago

wow some nice improvements, bit too much bloom in some scenes but overall, pretty damn amazing!

Silellak2999d ago

I'm glad someone finally did this.

Sigh. One more week...

tmt3452999d ago

e3 demo (it didn't look that great cause it was probably built for stability) but i am extremely impressed with the final version!

Lich1202999d ago

I agree with you spand, aside from texture improvements (most noticeable on the giant) it seems the biggest changes were to uping the bloom post processing effect. However, given the mythological setting, I will say it kinda adds to the environment rather than detracting from the realism. Like it does when it's way over used in other titles.

shazui1232999d ago

How does morphological anti aliasing detract from realism in the saboteur? It makes GOW3 look flawless-er xD 16-32xAA that is unreachable on even my gtx 295 ftw :) I have to say that it looks better than anything my pc can achieve, this is coming from someone who is able to run crysis @ 1080p, 2xAA & highest quality tweak at a comfy 45fps. Much more impressive than crysis/ warhead especially considering the scale of this game.

Darkfocus2999d ago

it's your opinion but somehow I doubt that you truly believe AA is > resolution. resolution has far more effect on decreasing jaggies then AA. I'd much rather run at 1920*1080 with no AA even then 720p with 16x AA, and also crysis scale is huge with near infinite draw distance, GoW has big environments but there's not nearly as much stuff in them

STONEY42999d ago

Just look at his comment history, somehow he thinks AA has to do with texture resolution...

Lich1202999d ago


I was talking about the bloom, that doesn't have anything to do with Anti-aliasing. Plus, AA doesn't really change the look of an image, rather it renders a scene more closely to how it should be seen. What I was saying was intense bloom, although sometimes serving in place of depth of field can detract from the realism of an image. Also, Im leaving HDR related bloom out of this since not only did I not see any in the demo I played, it would be very hard to tell from stills if they were using it. However, maybe I misunderstood what you meant. If so, let me know.

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Ravage272999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

as awesome as they look, screenshots don't do GOW3 justice. The game looks amazing while running, it's literally like a moving art piece

gta28002999d ago

I agree. The majority of games these days always look good in screen shots but in motion look weaker. GOW3 is the opposite! It looks amazing in screen shots but even more amazing in motion! :D

AngelorD2999d ago

"God of War III is like a painting come to life" - D.Jaffe

shadow27972999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Huge differences. The titan looks much better, for example. And Kratos's chest too. The difference is especially noticeable in these screenshots I found:



shazui1232999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

On some surfaces it is comparable to 64 sample aa (64x) however on most edges and surfaces it is of a quality varying from 16xaa to 32xaa
replied to wrong guy, sorry :P
Its @ you down there, dude

PS360PCROCKS2999d ago

The biggest thing that seemed to change was the lighting, seems to affect some of the detail so it's noticeable now. Things in shadows were now light, things in light seemed to have a shadow now. The titan has way more detail in that one comparison, the blur effect was very nicely done in the 3rd shot it seems. It blurs that gun you shoot the god of sun with. The last shot was pretty cool, if you look at Kratos armor you see jaggies, the final product is VERY clean, the 4X AA seems to work extremely well.

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