Blizzard confirms day one patch for Starcraft II

Blizzard's confirmed to VG247 that Starcraft II will receive a day one patch when it releases in the first half of this year.

Speaking with Patrick Garratt in an interview just published today, the game's lead designer, Dustin Browder, said the patch would be "required".

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jakethesnake3150d ago

How could they know that if the game hasn't even been sent to be manufactured yet? Seems a bit premature, doesn't it (or am I missing something)?

markbob3150d ago

its probably a security patch, and makes sure that people log on to Bnet and register their game day one

Pekka3150d ago

That is probably just to annoy pirates. Non-patched game would be glitched and almost unplayable on purpose and patch fixes those problems (most at least). And patch is only available from Blizzard. Off course, online wouldn't work with unpatched version. Pirated version would be terrible while real buyers would have better game. That is the only logical explanation I know.

jakethesnake3150d ago

I was wondering if that is what it was, but that seems pretty foolish. If the game's SP mode is gimped out of the box, that would be awful and generate quite a backlash - but I could see them doing it for the BNET features. If they are using patches as an anti-piracy mechanism, they better be careful or there could be a lot of angry customers who can't figure out why their legal game is gimped.

El_Colombiano3150d ago

Pirates will just find a way to get around it. Again. I have no doubt that legit consumers will be the ones with the short straw. Again. Stupid anti-piracy only hurts legit people.

Baka-akaB3150d ago

honestly jake , that would bother me , except that i have quite some troubles believing someone actually interested in starcraft would be without online access , in this day and age , to patch the game .

After all they had no problem patching with sc1 when it was for balances and content ... and while having a pretty awesome couple campaigns , SC1 was still primarily a multiplayer experience .

Now on another yet related topic ... earlier today i could read a quote from Gabe newell that "piracy is the result of bad service" ....

I'd have issue believing it's that clearcut either . There are obviously many people burned by horrendous drm system , and realizing they , the customers get punished instead of pirates , and then in turn decides to make such similar jump ...

But there are also many , if not as many , who never cared about buying games , drm or not .

Blizzard games like Starcraft 1 or the diablo serie constantly had additions , new content as maps , balances patches , War 3 even new units in patch .... hardly a "bad service" , but a near perfect one ... and yet in a rather dissapointing way , games that by all account most people enjoyed , loved even , were still bought by a "minority" lost in a sea of illegal copies .

Sure at least online play was retricted to one copie at a time . Another huge boon from Blizzard of Old .

Now it was obvious this would change with the greedy activision at helm . Aggressive actions such as activision's and ubi soft's wont solve a thing , but i can't shake the feeling that we are paying for our bad deeds . Or rather the loyal customers are only starting to pay tenfold for the black sheeps

TheIneffableBob3150d ago

Day-zero anti-piracy is the same thing Steam does. It prevents the game from leaking before the release date. Personally, I'm perfectly fine with it.

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Pennywise3150d ago

PATCHSTATIO- Oh wait, what? Games on other platforms are patched too? What? I look like a total douche saying patchstation?

Raf1k13150d ago

'it releases in the first half of this year'?

I hope so.

catguykyou3150d ago

Im hoping early second half of year. Toooo many good games.