7.0 Alice In Wonderland Review "Alice In Wonderland is actually a surprisingly good movie tie-in game. However, it's not without some issues. There's no real penalty for failing, and there are some AI and control issues. However, it's actually surprising good title and for kids, this game will definitely hold some value."

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Sanrin2936d ago

They need to make a Peter Pan game next!

Kyll2936d ago

Nice, not just a rip of the movie for once

mephman2936d ago

Yea, surprisingly they actually made some effort.

ShawnCollier2936d ago

Yeah, a good movie-based game is almost an oxymoron. :p

jjesso19932936d ago

|I think there getting better example's would be avtar,XMen Origins Wolverine james bond qauntum solace. no none them are AAA games but they are impoving and showing devs are trying with movie games now.

jammers2936d ago

I think it's getting to the point where companies are starting to realize cop out rip off games aren't the way to go if you want to make a decent profit.