Sony Announces PhyreEngine for PSP

PSLS writes:

PhyreEngine for the PlayStation 3 is an advanced graphics rendering engine used by developers on a number of Blu-Ray disc based titles as well as downloadable games from the PlayStation Store. Now Sony is bringing PhyreEngine to the PSP to "make use of the strengths of the platform".

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NJShadow3179d ago

Ooooh, could this mean the PSP2 is just around the corner? Perhaps...

Ju3178d ago

No, it means the PhyreEngine is available for the PSP...

f7897903178d ago

I don't know why Sony keeps adding to the PSP. Just give us the next one already!

Cajun Chicken3179d ago

I guess this is great for developers, since PhyreEngine, PSN games have increased and improved 10 fold.

If I remember rightly; isn't Burn Zombie Burn a PhyreEngine one?

alphakennybody3179d ago

I think so, Flower was using it too.

Cajun Chicken3179d ago

Yeah but BZB has an insane amount of enemies on the PS3 without any frame rate slowdown whilst having brilliant lighting and detailed models, if that's PE at work, then I'm really anticipating PE on PSP.

alphakennybody3179d ago

yeah but flower was quite a feat, the amount of individual leaf of grass and petals.

SuperStrokey11233179d ago

GDC started today? I thought it was coming next week? BAH!

BlackIceJoe3179d ago

This is great news. May be this will help put away the rumors that sony is going to abandon the PSP for the PSP2 instead. So it is great to see Sony still caring about the PSP. I wonder what new game will be made with the PhyreEngine. I hope to see some new IPs or revivals of some old classics that will use this engine.

Ju3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

It allows for fast porting PS3 to PSP games. Not sure if the engine is used in either LittleBigPlanet or ModNationRacer - but those were ported fast. PhyreEngine is a reference engine and part of Sony's SDK (AFAIK), even if not used directly, it might help cross ports.

It might be Sony's counter to the recent MS's cross platform announcement (Win/360/Phone7).

SuperStrokey11233179d ago

When are the big keynotes for GDC, id like to see what the big boys are going to be talking about. Im sure we will see something to do with their motion controllers and new engines.

alphakennybody3179d ago

the 10th which is tomorow if you live in North America.

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