ZTGD: God of War III Playstation 3 Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: It has been a long time coming, but Kratos is finally going to get his revenge. God of War III is probably the most hyped and anticipated game set to be released this year and for good reason. The series which has now spanned three consoles is one of the most finely tuned and visceral action games on the market. Fans have been clamoring for the closing act for quite some time now after its announcement, and finally we get to see how it all ends. There are a lot of words to describe God of War III but the one that best fits, and one I will be using throughout this review is simply, epic.

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ThatCanadianGuy2875d ago

Another perfect score for the Meta!

Ravage272875d ago

great read, 1 more week to go :)

MajestieBeast2875d ago

Great review pretty much spot on.

chitown2875d ago

hows it spot on, have you played it? or are you basing it on other reviews?

2FootYard2875d ago

Hopefully I get a chance to play this. I don't think I would give it a ten but I'm sure I'd like it nonetheless. Wasn't big on the first two but I did play the GoW 3 demo and really liked it. Especially the flying part at the end.

MrWonderful2875d ago

i started playing it last night and its freaking amazing. i was blown away at the scale and everything going on in the background. graphically its unmatched by any other console game. watching it doesn't do justice at all. the leviathan fight is a work of art. i cant even begin to put into words for yall just how awesome this game is.

MrWonderful2875d ago

i know people that work for sony

PS360PCROCKS2875d ago

Oh that's cool! Why did I get a disagree for asking a question lol?

Trebius2875d ago

I dont even have to say anything else ....


God of War 3 ...

raztad2875d ago


Man what happened to your bubbles?

OT: GoW3 is f*ck*ng unmatched. Cant wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.