World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Mastery System Preview

Blizzard offered a brief preview of the Mastery System, which takes over and expands the 51 points Talent Tree system in World of Warcraft: Cataclsym.

The preview focuses on the priest and death knight classes. A Blizzard representative hints the Cataclysm website will get a generous update in upcoming days.

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Leord3204d ago

Yeah, I suppose thy could not really continue to make the talent trees any deeper...

Recka3204d ago

I like how they are doing it, this way you can get your 51 and your 21 aswell, but who knows, the 76 points for some tree's might be better for the mastery etc, the possibilities will be awesome ^_^

DJDarkstar3204d ago

Definately, It is gonna be quite fun to play with.

Medievaldragon3204d ago

Indeed, the mastery system makes sense. The grind to level 80 to access the mastery though is considerable.

I'm glad to hear there is gonna be a new update. I checked the Cataclysm website and it has not been updated since BlizzCon 2009 (August, 2009).

Fyzzu3204d ago

I'm actually loving this idea.

Eoweniel3204d ago

Not sure how I feel about it quite yet.

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