Nintendo Power teases new Mario Game?

The Lost Gamer writes "In revealing when their next issue will release, US magazine Nintendo Power have teased that they are set to provide the world exclusive reveal of a new title for Wii."

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kesvalk2934d ago

i don't think it's possible, too much mario already, WHERE IS DAMN STARFOX!?

Shnazzyone2934d ago

I want either a new and really reimagined starfox title or fzero with online.

asdr3wsfas2934d ago

Sin and Punishment 2 is basically star fox. I love star fox but consider that your fix.

jamesgtaiv2934d ago

Seriously? Mario isnt warn out yet? You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it snaps and hits your face.

tunaks12934d ago

"Seriously? Mario isnt warn out yet? You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it snaps and hits your face."
a 2d mario on home consoles sold more then 10 million
I don't think that rubber band has reached it limit.
Generic FPS on the other hand...

AWBrawler2934d ago

S&P is more anime S-Cry-ed like than StarFox. I Love both series, but they are waaaay different. S&P is like my new favorite Nintendo series, with Zelda and Starfox behind it. I even liked Starfox Adventure

asdr3wsfas2934d ago

The barrel roll is the dash in SnP.

I miss Fox and the gang too, but SnP is the same gameplay mechanic with melee attacks.

Gr812934d ago

Is kinda right actually. S&P is to SF what Endless Ocean is to Pilot Wings, or Kid Icarus is to Metroid.

Still..I'd love a new SF ; ) with the controls of the WSR flight game.

kunit22c2934d ago

I honestly am hoping for either Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, StarFox, new Kirby/Kirby Air Ride 2, Pikmin 3, or new luigi's mansion. Mario I can't really see unless its a mario party, but im not a huge fan of the mario party series so I really hope not.

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EvilTwin2934d ago

“Next issue is going to be a big one, with brand-new looks at some of the year’s hottest games – including a snazzy new world reveal for Wii! Miss out on this one, and you might as well turn in your Nintendo Fan membership card.”
----------------------------- -

A "new world"? Could just be a new level shown for SMG2.

Shnazzyone2934d ago

to me world reveal means something that wasn't previously known worldwide.

Though it might be a sneaky way to say they are previewing an entire level of SMG2.

eagle212934d ago

Or it could be a new game in the "Mario Universe" like Luigi's Mansion (they did file a patent for a new Luigi's Mansion) or Mario RPG....just thinking. :)

I'm interested none the less. And Retro Studios is most likely working on Star Fox so SF fans just calm down. :)

ViciousBoston2934d ago


Give us some damn Donky Kong or Star Fox or something decent. This whole "Lets make sure people know when it comes to overusing a franchise to death Nintendo is better at it than Microsoft! TAKE THAT HALO!"

Nac2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

What about Star Wars?

Edit: How are you going to sit there and tell me that Star Wars isn't milked or over used? Having said that though, I do want a new Rogue Squadron.

asdr3wsfas2934d ago

Mario isn't decent? GTFO. I play Donkey Kong Country still but if you're comparing the quality of those titles it's laughable.

Ryuha1234h2934d ago

The Mario franchise and the megaman franchise are the most milk franchise in gaming history.

Gr812934d ago

How bout FF? Guitar Hero? Madden? Resident Evil? I could really go on.

meetajhu2934d ago

I'm f*cking tired of this Mario bullsh*t. Can't these people try something new. 1980-2010 these guys really need to quit? I liked conduit on Wii HD Dolphin running at 1920x1200 planning on getting Wii motes.

eagle212934d ago

Does it hurt you inside that 13 million people have already bought the incredibly fun New Super Mario Bros. Wii and it's still selling like hotcakes and scored 40/40 in Famitsu? :)

Voozi2934d ago

People still cite Famitsu scores? I know I stopped taking them seriously when they gave Nintendogs a 40/40

eagle212934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

and gamespot: 8.5. :)
how about Eurogamer?: 9/10
Game Informer: 93
IGN UK: 94
Kombo: 100

owned much? :)

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