Halo 3 Beta Post Mortem

IGN recently caught up with Bungie's writing lead, Frank O'Connor, to take about the recent Halo 3 multiplayer beta. What readers will find is an overview of what Bungie found out about Halo 3 multiplayer thanks to the beta.

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Rhezin4183d ago

Well that's all great, but they HAD BETTER DELIVER. They better have in the game all they advertised in mags about the new armor and vehicles and maps, everything along with amazing graphics. If they don't BIG trouble. Sure Halo 3 will get sales because of the massive fan base, but could drop after seeing what K2 has to offer, I think there's more to that beast that meets the eye, so halo 3 HAS to deliver.

neogeo4183d ago

Sony has a Halo crusher that will be shown at E3. Even hard core Halo fans will forget why they bought a 360

VirusE4182d ago

The thing is people have played halo3 and not 1 screen shot has been seen of killzone. What this means is that you are being a fanboy and talking out of your arse. Once you have seen killzone gameplay get back to us, until then people keep your fanboy dribble to yourself.