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Two Brains Review: Heavy Rain [Spawn Kill]

Is Heavy Rain a video game? Is it interactive drama? Is it both? Maybe a better question to all three questions is: is it good? Tigresa (Stephanie) and Snarkasaur (Dave) aim to find out with a little deliberation. We may disagree about nudity a bit, but I think we come to a common consensus on Heavy Rain as a whole in the end. Heavy Rain is a difficult game to both review or discuss without getting knee-deep in spoiler territory, but we have taken on that very challenge for you. 100% spoiler-free. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

rrquinta  +   1501d ago
This game is next on my playlist. I just have to finish the last part of DA:O, then I'm sucking myself into this baby. I'm curious to see how I think about it once I've played through it all.
theherp80  +   1501d ago
is it wrong that this game puts me to sleep?
K-Tuck  +   1501d ago
I wouldn't say so.
Snarkasaur  +   1501d ago
We forgot to mention how heavy the rain was. D:!
ihaten4glol  +   1500d ago
It was a furious, unrelenting rain. Quite heavy. Heavy, man, heavy.

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