Two Brains Review: Heavy Rain [Spawn Kill]

Is Heavy Rain a video game? Is it interactive drama? Is it both? Maybe a better question to all three questions is: is it good? Tigresa (Stephanie) and Snarkasaur (Dave) aim to find out with a little deliberation. We may disagree about nudity a bit, but I think we come to a common consensus on Heavy Rain as a whole in the end. Heavy Rain is a difficult game to both review or discuss without getting knee-deep in spoiler territory, but we have taken on that very challenge for you. 100% spoiler-free.

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rrquinta2996d ago

This game is next on my playlist. I just have to finish the last part of DA:O, then I'm sucking myself into this baby. I'm curious to see how I think about it once I've played through it all.

theherp802996d ago

is it wrong that this game puts me to sleep?

Snarkasaur2996d ago

We forgot to mention how heavy the rain was. D:!

ihaten4glol2995d ago

It was a furious, unrelenting rain. Quite heavy. Heavy, man, heavy.