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Review Mario Strikers: Charged Football

Mario's second football title has a lot on its shoulders, including the fact that it's the Wii's first online game. Will it live up to its expectations? (Mario Strikers Charged, Wii)
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HeartlesskizZ  +   2888d ago
I think
that nintendo will not kill mario for a long time.
Kastor_Troii  +   2888d ago
Well as a fan of the sport and a fan of Nintendo and a fan of Mario,Im in a Wiin-Wiin-Wiin situation here...lol Well i cant wait for this Game to come out,looks amazing.
sumfood4u  +   2888d ago
Go Wii Go!
texism  +   2888d ago
I laughed when he said this "The glow on the ball is realistic" since when do balls glow?
ChickeyCantor  +   2888d ago
o yeah and the turtles and such are normal right?
its a game based on fiction ! get real man =/

its sad you had to look for something small and bash the game just for that.........
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AcidRhain  +   2887d ago
been playing the UK version here in the states.
and.. it's fun. the online works suprisingly well, i just need to hone my skills. UK players are crazy good.

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