Analysts: GOW3 will be best selling PS3 exclusive to date

Michael Pachter and Jesse Divnich weigh in on PS3 exclusive sales, and whether or not God of War will buck the trend.

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Static-X3118d ago

I know MANY people who have recently bought a PS3 just for this game.

gaffyh3118d ago

I don't think it'll outsell MGS4, but I think it may be the best selling first-party exclusive. Although imo, Uncharted 2 has more longevity in sales because it is not a mature title.

Death24943118d ago

" Playstation 3 is no longer considered a gaming machine..."
" is now an experience"
-CNN reporter

baum3118d ago

It might reach GT5 prologue sales (4 million), but it'll take GOW3 all the time the PS3 is available at retail. And that's because GT5 prologue will stop selling as soon as GT5 comes out. Also I don't think GOW3 will beat MGS4.

TROLL EATER3118d ago

it shudbe mgs 4 now. considering the user base is much larger now

King_of _the_Casuals3118d ago

If someone doesn't believe this already know nothing! LOL

Aclay3118d ago

I really don't understand why God of War 3 is being hyped up like this saleswise....the first God of War sold a little over 3 million and God of War 2 did over 2.5 million.

I think God of War 3 will sell somewhere around 3 million and honestly I think that it'll be mostly people who are fans of the God of War series and/or people that bought the previous installments that will actually be BUYING it (not renting) considering it's a Single Player action title.

God of War 3 will sell well no doubt, but Gran Turismo 5 will be best selling PS3 exclusive after it's release.

HolyOrangeCows3118d ago

Pachter just gave it the kiss of death. Uh ohs.

Mr Logic3118d ago

I don't know about this. I hope GOW III sells a lot because it deserves it, but the higher the rating for your game the smaller the market becomes.

Batzi3118d ago

I agree completely. The only game that will outsell MGS4 is GT5, otherwise, forget it.

blind-reaper3118d ago

Not for much, just until GT5 comes... sorry Kratos.

Spiderman3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Im telling you now it wont be, and considering GOW 1 and 2 havent exactly sold millions I dont know how they can say this. I wish i could get paid to talk BS.

Gran Turimso 5 will be the top selling exclusive.

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Batzi3118d ago

but outselling MGS4? I highly doubt. Don't forget MGS4 sold 1.3 million units worldwide day 1. do you think GOW3 is capable of reaching that number day 1? remember GOW series aren't heavy sellers. GoW2 didn't sell as much as GoW1 did and GOW1 sold around 3 million in total. MGS4 surpassed the 5 millions and analysts are expecting it to outsell Sons of Liberty since it is doing better than MGS2 back when it was first launched. Anyway, it will sell very good don't worry.

red2tango3118d ago

MGS4 has sold about 4.5 (or maybe even 4.6 now) million copies to date. Uncharted 2 is catching up and should probably hit that milestone at the end of 2010. God of War 3 may not sell as much because some people don't buy games without multiplayer.

Batzi3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

this is a KONAMI OFFICIAL report confirming that MGS4 sold over 5 million copies before the end of 2009. link:

Uncharted 2 just did over 3.5 million recently and I don't think it will outsell Prologue to begin with. FFXIII and GOW3 will take over Uncharted 2.

Biggest3118d ago

Michael Pachter also said that the PS3 DISASTER 2010 would take close to a week to get resolved. He also said that the Natal would sell 1 zillion units to the PS3 crap selling 8 units. He also said other random things that either never happened or happened in ways that made him look as stupid as he is. None of what I am saying has anything to do with God of War 3 and sales. But it is a better projection of Michael Pachter than his projection of anything.

gauntletpython3118d ago

Yeah, he jinxed it now lol. I wish he said it was being sent to die.

Divnich's estimates are interesting though, he's proven to be more accurate than Pachter(albeit, more conservative as well).

Athlon3118d ago

Could be true. Blockbuster has the GOWIII demo kiosk at every store I've been to. The word is getting out.

Nathan Drake23118d ago

it will be like this:


InfectedDK3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )


OR this:


OR this:


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