Fallout 3 previews, video interviews

"Welcome to E3 2007," Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard told a group of antsy game journos at the studio's Maryland headquarters in early June.

Although Howard was joking, he may not be too far off. For the rabid fans of the PC-native Fallout series, the unveiling of Fallout 3 ranks up there with some of the biggest gaming events in recent memory. The fact that a proven developer like Bethesda is handling the game is simply thick icing on an already cavity-inducing cake.

For other previews and interviews see the alternative sources below the embedded video.

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MK_Red3584d ago

Awesome post. Fallout rocks. Thanks for all the links and previews. I hope they show more screens soon.

TnS3584d ago

The press event generated a flood of previews. :)

MK_Red3584d ago

Yeah, so many previews. Look at those alternative sources! Thank you TnS.
Now I have to spend the next few days reading them all. Seriously cant wait.

Captain Tuttle3584d ago

This is the one game that I'm completely looking forward to. It's a must have for me, no question.

Thanks for the post.

urban bohemian3584d ago

Fallout one and fallout 2 are the best games in existance, anyone got either of the game guides? Put them on ebay I want them so BAD!

Captain Tuttle3583d ago

The pancakes are really good!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Hope its released before I die, HAHA J/K. :)

PLEASE restore my BUBBLES. I've done nothing wrong and just because I support the PS3 my BUBBLES should NOT have been taken from spite! Thank-you.

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