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BNG Review: Heavy Rain Review: Isn't It Ironic, Don't You Think

Brave New Gamer's James Pikover: Interactive storytelling was the goal developer Quantic Dream sought to create, and Heavy Rain is the product they and Sony have pushed oh so hard to make. Surprisingly, they fail in so many ways, while still making a unique and noteworthy title that many will undoubtedly enjoy, and many will definitely hate. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 5/10

FangBlade  +   1906d ago
Another MW2 fnatic trying to review a game.
funny sh!t.
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Bordel_1900  +   1904d ago
James Pikover you can suck on a big hard one, you obviously don't know sh!t.

Heavy Rain is a great experience and a very good game.
darx  +   1903d ago
No it isn't
I'd say overrated.
redsquad  +   1904d ago
Brave New Gamer, tired old clichés.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1904d ago
''There is no better way to describe Heavy Rain except as a failed experiment, one ''

''The experience proved to be dull, poorly acted, and most importantly, not fun''


Go play Modern Campers 2, kid.
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BBAM  +   1904d ago
this review has about as much grounding
as the reviews claiming the graphics are "PlayStation2-era"
everyone's entitled to their opinions but this review is beyond biased. It's clear from the ofset the reviewer has nothing constructive to say.
The fact he has to look at the controller for the QTE is laughable.
JonDiskonected  +   1904d ago
why did he even review it???
first off, There is a checkpoint for every scene, just go to scene selection.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinions but why did he even review this game? This is basically like a point and click game on the pc, does he complain that those kind of games have too much point and click???

I dont like racing games or sports games, so I dont go and review them saying there’s too much racing or too much sports….

This game is not for everyone, if someone does review it, he should review it with keeping in mind what kind of game it is and review it solely on what it tries to accomplish.

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